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  1. Ausbildung und Geld... damit zu werben ist echt eine Frechheit.

  2. Was wäre denn faire Bezahlung für dich? Wieviele deiner Stunden bist du produktiv in deiner Ausbildung und wie viele Ausbilderstunden müssen dafür aufgewendet werden?

  3. Fair wäre, wenn es mehr wäre als Hartz4 oder zumindest mehr als BAföG.

  4. Ich tendiere zu 50% zu den USA, zu 30% zu Russland und zu 20% zur Ukraine.

  5. Ich tendiere zu 60% RU, 30% USA und 10% PL... als ob die Ukrainer das hin bekommen würden, ohne Hilfe.

  6. Chuck Norris, im Auftrag einer Verschwörung der kasachischen Königsfamilie und dem japanischen Kaiser.

  7. Imho we are doing fine... gas storage is at 92% and we will also have enough electricity for france (due to the failure of their nuclear plants they need it).

  8. Get used to it. Welcome to global warming...

  9. Armenia as part of RuZZia... well... would prevent maybe some problems... but cause a lot others.

  10. Beim BAaföG Amt wechseln die Bearbeiter ständig, sie rotieren da zu anderen Buchstaben.

  11. Ich bin noch keine 18 da kann ich also nicht mal eingezogen werden und ich bin dort nirgends gemeldet also bei den ämtern die für die wehrplficht zuständig sind

  12. Dawnshroud Peaks... a great zone for leveling, easy, safe and plenty mobs, also nice xp and sometimes even a bit loot.

  13. With another Temple setup it would be 800+ ;)

  14. The water did not reach the turbines and the pipe is salt water resistant.

  15. thank you for the correct programmatical equivalent operator, much appreciated

  16. Well... to be correct, "==" is a test for equality.

  17. You don't need to do anything special, just accept it and love her like she would share your believes.

  18. The sound might actually be a psychological deterrent.

  19. Let the drones screan the last seconds before the detonation... like an angry wraith or Nazgul

  20. He is an full blood asshole, he doesnt care for armenia.

  21. Is that so? I'm smiling and often ppl smile back. Just making the day just a smile brighter... nothing wrong here i guess. But the reaction you describe is not uncommon either.

  22. Well, it depends on the region. In rural regions its more common to smile. In Berlin or Gelsenkirchen its not.

  23. Imho the Tornado is a beautiful plane.

  24. Maybe maybe maybe The US is playing chess...

  25. Seriously... they have no reason for it, really none. They already succeeded.

  26. The AfD in germany got 10.3% last time, so barely not 11%.

  27. I leveled to 106 and got another 5,000 more 🤦‍♂️

  28. I got a heroic champion... Thats nearly 10 years ago, instantly so many AAs... Cant remember, 5k? 10k? And OP gear... At least if your gear is HighEnd of PoP age 😂

  29. Wtf.... I was so proud when i was the first in my guild who got 18 AAs for the title "Master", took me 2-3 months. I was quadding raptors in TD.

  30. There is no DS9 sequel and there probably never will be.

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