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I was awarded today by president Zelensky for my front line journalist work. And of course it was a bad hair day

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Illinois to Become First State to Ban Book Bans

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  1. Remember the 1970s when the US was on track to get nearly all it's electricty from low greenhouse gas intensity nuclear by the year 2000 and the oil and gas companies convinced the environmentalists that nuclear energy was bad.

  2. The "environmentalists oppose nuclear" line is waaay overblown (and pushed by the fossil fuel lobby to divide and conquer). Nuclear is fantastic, but it requires infrastructure, investment, and some collective thinking that is reaaaally hard to come by in a political climate dominated by reelection campaigns. Nuclear is slow to setup and no one wants to lose the credit to the next schmuck.

  3. Man doesn't work for the CNP and its affiliates (BlazeTV, Daily Wire, etc.) so unsure what propaganda machine you're talking about.

  4. Better than the $112 million the Windy City is paying to feed and shelter the illegal migrants.

  5. In what world is paying money to have people play dress up and stand around without authority and without a housing stipend (need 31+ days for that on deployment) better than actually housing and feeding people?

  6. What makes you say that? A lot of the fastest growing states economically are red states. You have blue states primarily New England. But are we really in the mindset that people are truly enabled to break poverty under New York or California type legislation?

  7. Even if they were the fastest growing economically, that doesn't translate to a better life for working class people. If you're already wealthy, I have no doubt you could make a home for yourself in Florida or the South. But there is a reason red states have the vast majority of the highest poverty rates in the country. Plus, you pay more taxes as a working or middle class person in Florida or Texas than you do in New York or Cali, and you get far less out of them. You don't really get the tax benefits until you start making 2× or 3× the national average, and even that's starting to go away under other taxes such as Florida's insane property taxes.

  8. You pay more taxes but still cheaper. The Souths poverty is largely historical. Note the South was even poorer 60 years ago as a Democrat stronghold. Not to mention the black slaves who were discriminated even after emancipation. It has been poor since the Civil War and has recently caught wind for economic growth. I agree Florida is expensive, but still growing

  9. Well, the color of the party outside, its moreso that conservative economic policies perpetuate poverty. You are right that 60ish years ago it was a Dem state, but that was when the Dems were the socially and economically conservative party in contrast to the more liberal Northern urban Reps.

  10. We need an immigration moratorium and mass deportations

  11. Bush killing a million Iraqis for a "whoops! No WMDs here! Sorry!"

  12. I never claimed Trump was a pacifist. If you're going to plead for fair accountability for all, throw Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden, FBI, CIA, FDA, CDC, etc. behind bars for life. They all either murdered people, grossly violated the constitution, violated our rights, lied to us and/or spread heavy propaganda against the public's interest.

  13. It wasn't for the 1 act of paying off a hooker, lmao. That's an NPC spin on it. The man committed 34 felonies for falsifying business records, corruption, and using the resources and influence of the presidency to cover up his crimes committed before the presidency.

  14. Pretty sure the US constitution already does that via freedom of speech, but whatever, apparently it needs to be said twice, due to republican asshats, and our federal government doing jack shit.

  15. Is the WallStreetSilver account just a "freedom caucus" Republican operative?

  16. He went to the DMZ and met kim personally and Kim stopped missile tests until after the trump presidency. He didn't make peace in syria which i don't fault him for. He didn't leave afganistan which he promised to do, and i do fault him for that.

  17. This isn't about hating Trump. This is about being truthful.

  18. Wow, Republicans are racist and this is all about Ukraine being white!

  19. As an independent, I have seen that every Dem is against the war. The war should end. The war wasn't started by Ukraine. But when Conservatives say anti-war, they really mean "Ukraine should surrender and accept Russian tyranny." Literally, not one of Putin's "peace attempts" includes any terms that allow Ukraine to be sovereign and decide its own future. Any peace that Putin offers would result in the execution of tens of thousands of Ukrainians, the forced deportation of millions, and it would leave Ukraine completely defenseless for the eventual complete annexation of the country.

  20. No, absolutely not. But in theory ar least, their good will is irrelevant; they need to assure their product is affordable… in theory

  21. In theory, until you consider market capture, monopolies, and the rest of the bullshit that comes with unregulated markets.

  22. We need to turn the southern border into basically like Israels border. Fucking annihilate anybody who comes near it. It would be based af. Hearing 14.5mms going off in the distance.

  23. You realize Biden's side of the Civil Rights Movement was the same as Reagan's, right?

  24. "I favor the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it must be enforced at gunpoint if necessary."- Ronald Reagan

  25. He then proceeded to veto the Civil Rights Restoration Act in 1988, passed the Mulford Act to enact gun control in California explicitly to disarm black people, supported apartheid South Africa, and referred to delegates from African nations as "monkeys".

  26. No except maybe your sisters butt crack sweat, you know what I mean

  27. Nothing. I was only contesting the "rightfully" part of your statement.

  28. So an American guy complains (rightfully so) about the degenerate attitudes growing in his country. And it's somehow the "Europoors" at fault?

  29. The dude who made the video is a terminally online culture warrior.

  30. Go read "the Republic". Government transition is as natural as government oppression. My perspective is educated and yours is tribal and emotional.

  31. Now you're a constitutional guy after dumping on the 1st and 2nd? Not very consistent are ya? Well, except for the baseless name calling.

  32. Amlo is shit but this is one of those "he's out of line, but he's got a point" moments.

  33. The cuban-americans are going to vote for Desantis to spite the Mexicans-americans.

  34. I despise Pelosi but the fact that she is the face of insider trading in Congress in the minds of most Americans while she doesn't even come close to the quantity traded or brazenness of most Republicans is one hell of a conservative psyop.

  35. So Americans can only express themselves through consumerism?

  36. Getting your panties in a twist for someone pointing out conservative brainwashing and then exemplifying an instance of conservative brainwashing isn't a good look lol

  37. This is actually pretty huge. The pyramid is incredibly accurate and its wild to see the deep state led by Conservative think tanks have such a visceral reaction to being exposed like this.

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