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  1. I thought I was the only one nostalgic fo the Arch Deluxe. I understand it was a massive business failure but as a teenager I ate it and thought, 'This is a pretty good burger.'

  2. "Time to make the donuts... I made the donuts... Time to make the donuts... I made the donuts..."

  3. If Archduke Franz Ferdinand never visited Sarajevo, or adjusted his planned visit, then there's a pretty big chance he wouldn't have been assassinated.

  4. Not a historian, but to my knowledge, WW1 would have happened one way or another right? So I guess the trigger would have been different, and perhaps some countries would have had more time to prepare? I don't think the war itself would just cease to exist

  5. Not necessarily. The war was essentially a squabble amongst cousins that got out of hand. Had the assassination not happened, things may have played out differently, with possibly some skirmishes but not ful-on global war.

  6. This question is asinine. The person is more than their looks. I've dated 'chubby girls', 'skinny girls', 'fat girls' -- and you know what, they were all their own person. Physical attributes don't make a monolithic group; some 'chubby girls' will be nice and will be great to date, some will be okay and you may or may not want to date them, and some will be horrible people. But that's true of any group where you describe them by a single attribute instead of looking at them as a person.

  7. Depends on what you're wanting to do with them. There are so many items in the average kitchen that can be used to make an IED, it's not even funny.

  8. Wendy's. Burger King is the kid who constantly tries to be cool by acting like the cool kids but actually is a dork nobody wants to be around. And what's up with serving the crappy minced onion onion rings? Those are disgusting.

  9. There was this show. Its name was Manimal and it was the best show to ever exist.

  10. I dont mean sustainable I mean sustaining, like where a life originates from not like mars where it’s a possibility

  11. I was more pointing out the two bolded things. I'm pretty sure Earth is the only planet in the world. ;)

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