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  1. Depends, depends and depends. Whenever it crosses my mind, that depends on energy/frequency of the chat so can be between 30 minutes and 5 days. No real pattern as to who asks for the phone number in my experience

  2. I’d just unmatch, as cute as you may be, you’re not going to be a dick and I’m not that invested in some stranger or that eager that I’m going to argue or let bitchy comments slide.

  3. Only he knows, but he told you LDR wasn’t going to happen, so on that basis, it was what it was and had an expiry date. Communicating beyond that, from another country…knowing nothing is going to happen is just wasting everyone’s time

  4. But I feel like he gave up so easily. If he really liked me, he wouldn't...I think. I was willing to return and I didn't tell him because I thought it was too soon and didn't want to come off as desperate or something but since I'm finishing school in a few weeks, I'm not established anywhere so I could technically move there but he's seeing someone else now. I deleted everything I had of him, his phone numer and remove him from social media, not out of bitterness but because of my mental health.

  5. Well you can feel how you want, he was fully entitled to not pursue a relationship, said he didn’t want a relationship from afar and has moved on accordingly. Feelings are not fact, nobody can factually say how he felt, he enjoyed your time, liked you, and you’ve moved countries and nothing in his mind can happen from here, that’s his right. It’s too simplistic to say “if he liked me he would have done this”, that’s just a view you’re having. Did he like you enough to pursue a long distance relationship? No, he said that, and he’s entitled to do that. You’re also entitled to feel how you want but nobody has done nothing wrong here or owes anyone anything

  6. Whenever you want? Generally I’m trying to meet within a week of matching and that pretty much works for the people I’m talking to. He shouldn’t have gotten so demonstrably mad, even though you cancelled, but you put your comfort first. Don’t agree to meeting with someone before you’re ready, but yeah, typically if I get a number on Tuesday/Wednesday then we’re both trying to set something up for that weekend

  7. Gotta be a certain age to realise the gravity of the achievement, not going to debate the invincibles thing with anyone who might want to but the circumstances around this were incredible. No league title for 17 years. Useless the year before, finished 7th I believe and the football was shit, had zero world class players going up against a team that had numerous European cup winners and bar Heysel ban, would have been getting to the finals at least and only the Milan team of 88/89 (maldini, Baresi, Rijkaard, Gullit, Van Basten etc) could I say were comfortably better than Liverpool. Then having to go there on the final day and beat them by two goals? For me, the greatest thing I’ve ever seen us do.

  8. “Things appear ok with us, other than the following”

  9. I’d tell her I want to take her out, I like to be very clear as there’s no room for ambiguity, “I wanna take you out on a date, how about you let me take you for a drink”

  10. Best conversations naturally flow and are what two people both are invested in. I may find animals, social media in relationships, sports, holiday destinations, pre-nups, the environment, etc interesting. Conversation goes nowhere if the other person isn’t at least as interested in the matter, and as each two people are unique then the energy and flow is different. What are you actually interested in, then it’s about finding that person who matches your energy. Last date I went on, we talked and laughed for 4 hours, jumping from topic to topic and I can’t even remember what we discussed, that’s the secret. Coulda discussed the same things with a ton of other people and got one word answers. Discuss what interests you and what you want to know about them, if the energy is right, it’ll flow, if it’s not…it won’t.

  11. It’s nuanced, I go by feeling not by number of dates. After 4/5 I lose count so I’d say 3 months or so and even then it’s only pretty much guaranteed when you’ve discussed that’s what you want. Any nominal time figure I’d pull would be completely arbitrary and not true, dating isn’t that structured

  12. Completely? Tired/not in the mood/lost interest/stressed

  13. Yeah we all have different preferences, it just kinda bothered me because he's generally into bigger boobs before and when he dated me he's suddenly like "a man of culture" now who loves smaller ones too lol

  14. “Generally likes bigger” boobs and “only liking bigger boobs” are different things, and again it’s possible to have no preference and it’s possible to like a variety of sizes

  15. Break up, block, msg her family or friends if possible that you’re worried as she’s threatening to self harm, if not, keep texts anyways. Break up, block and do not engage, any messages from other numbers? Block without a word

  16. Man, just a feeling. Can’t even describe it, I ran away from some pretty good women and I always thought I was the problem (I kinda was) but when I met my current one, it just made sense. I can’t list anything she did that other women hadn’t done for me, but the connection was just different.

  17. When you were dating your wife did it feel like you were just hanging out with your best friend? And for your ex’s, you just didn’t click as well? Trying to get a better idea what the difference feels like.

  18. Like I said, I can’t describe it, trust me I’ve tried. You just know, that’s all I can say, and that’s the beauty of it…it just feels different. If and when you feel it, you won’t be asking others, trust me, I never asked anyone, shit just hit me like a truck and I can’t explain it…but I knew, no need to question anything or anyone

  19. Got em, the good ole delete after the exposure lmao

  20. Maybe he’s very trusting and secure, those are the incredibly obvious answers. What else are you looking for. Sounds like you’re disappointed

  21. “The fact that she thought I’d go after him the minute they broke up hurt” lol why, a couple weeks later you go on a date without telling her so I’m not sure what you’re hurt about as you got right in there and she was right.

  22. I like them fella, from a personal perspective, any criticism would be nitpicking. Good looking lad, good variety of pics, body angles, locations, activities, smiling.

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