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LPT: When you don't have all the facts, try to give people the most generous reason you can for their behaviour. Annoyingly slow driver? Maybe it's a mom with a birthday cake in the back. This mindset will gradually make you less reactive, more compassionate and more forgiving of your own bad days.

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  1. Yet again, the team tried to get away without mentioning the political side of the crypto. They did this to themselves. NASCAR gave them more than enough notice on that.

  2. They linked the sponsors website in their email asking for permission. So how hard were they trying to cover their tracks?

  3. If they need new rules it’s further proof there is absolutely no rule in effect that banned Brandon’s scheme. Tacit acknowledgment nascar is making it up as they go. Not surprising considering they approved it and then revoked it after the fact. Emails linked below.

  4. We need to protect our house. Need the fans to do their part.

  5. 20 minutes in. He comes across as very credible.

  6. I thought McCullough was credible for the most part too. But I bought one of the books he was plugging and it’s horrendous. Pure conspiracy theory drivel.

  7. He wanted and suggested someone to debate McCullough. This post is bs.

  8. Unless there are rules on the books which specifically outlaw, then it should be approved. Look at Twitter. We don’t need companies telling us what is okay to say and what is not okay to say. If the scheme upsets people they won’t buy the product and there won’t be a car next year. Simple.

  9. And that’s all just for the vaccine. Not to mention the Covid lab leak theory or that the US government funded gain of function research.

  10. I suggest you listen to the podcast. He explains it In detail with citations.

  11. Every life pro tip is about holding people to less standards and lowering the bar. How about we expect more from people and hold them accountable.

  12. Yeah, I'm less concerned about JR, a comedian, than I am about the US media and politicians being anti science. For example, the media practically ignoring the Pfizer whistler blower, leaving it to the British Medical Journal to report on data integrity complaints:

  13. Good post. Overall Rogan is much more beneficial than not. At least he has the discussions many won’t

  14. Bro if you're telling people to not get vaccinated, you're not more beneficial than anyone.

  15. It’s called the marketplace of ideas. Even the worst ideas are supposed to be free to be expressed. The public - through dialogue - exposed the idiocy of those ideas which helps everyone. If you shut down “bad” ideas then you you get resentment and fringe groups. The marketplace of ideas is arguably the biggest component of our entire democracy.

  16. Only think he’s qualified to comment on IMO. Leaves the giants - they win two super bowls.

  17. Jacobs has been such a disappointment. He mentioned the ruggs incident really impacted him but he’s been bad even before that. He needs to wake up and I’m tired of it.

  18. His appearance on Rogan was good too. Where can I watch the doc

  19. He never claimed the vaccines were dangerous. In fact, he stated that he is pro-vaccine and has gotten the 2 initial vaccines doses plus the booster shot himself. He made the argument that we should also be focusing on treating people BEFORE they are hospitalized

  20. He doesn’t believe in mandated vaccines, that’s how I took it. And he’s critical of the government and media refusing to have a dialogue about these issues. The long term myocarditis risks especially.

  21. And do you know what for sure has long term risks of myocarditis and heart inflammation that were well documented before vaccines were even used? COVID.

  22. You are missing the point. If you feel that way and you want to take a vaccine then go for it. But the next vaccine maybe you have concerns and don’t want to be mandated to take it. That’s the issue. Whether government should mandate. That’s how I took his views. I’m not debating science. I was summarizing how I viewed his positions. He thinks there are long term risks and therefore doesn’t want a mandated Vaccine.

  23. Yeah maybe amari should stay healthy and not disappear for stretches of games which was the case even when he was a raider

  24. If the mandate is deemed unconstitutional would that make the state mandates unconstitutional as well? There are state vaccine mandates and also I need to show proof of vaccination to go inside businesses.

  25. Possibly. States can generally give more protections. Never less. If scotus says you are not required to take then states can’t likely require it.

  26. Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905) and Compagnie Francaise &c. v. Board of Health, 186 U.S. 380 (1902) would beg to disagree due to 10th amendment provisions.

  27. We need to screenshot this comment and put it on a billboard outside of the offices at Fox and NBC

  28. TV is lazy. Hard to focus deeper in the pack and have insight bout less popular teams.

  29. Budweiser is still the sport. They just are chosing to use that money to promote Busch Light.

  30. Lowe's, Home Depot, Tide, Target. It's really sad losing these big-time companies/sponsors. NAPA has been big and around really since Waltrip in 2001, I hope (and I'm sure) Chase will have them for the remainder of his career.

  31. Where are you located? Petrossian is the standard and they’ll ship by Christmas but personally I prefer Russ and Daughters. If you’re not on the East Coast it might not arrive by Christmas though.

  32. Davis deserves props. He criticized the league and called it a competitive disadvantage. This will be part of gruden’s lawsuit - furthers a narrative of the nfl targeting the Raiders.

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