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  1. I try to get a few hours of gaming in with my brother. If that can't happen I will paint warhammer models while watching a show.

  2. Forgive and forget. Find something to do, like a job you are good at and needed.

  3. Landscaping, McDonald's shift manager, over night front desk receptionist, natural gas pipe line laborer, countertop fabricator/installer, landfill attendant, jam factory production worker.

  4. I took a close look and I am pretty sure that those strings are not attached. The money is just on top of the strings.

  5. House fly and a slug. Everytime it lands it leaves a little bit of slime.

  6. If he wants to he is allowed. Fireworks and thunder freak him out so he spends those nights with me.

  7. I was a student aid when I was collecting volunteer hours and it was a lot of fun. I helped them set up science experiments and explained parts of the class one on one. They were all friendly and the class often joked and laughed. They had a thing where they would make an 'M' with their hands and say modified whenever the class was addressed as a whole.

  8. Sometimes I do, because of a canker sore for example. I notice when I have to do it though and it feels unnatural.

  9. Typically, not always, for some reason- the 4th comment is always downvoted, no matter what.

  10. I am not scared, it bores me. It is a waste of time and money trying to socialize, when I could be working or relaxing instead.

  11. If I only have it once in a while, Sweet Chili Heat Doritos are the best.

  12. I don't think I could describe color. I could define it or give examples, but no way could I describe what color is the way I see it.

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