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  1. How would yall rank the 6 opposing fanbases of teams the Jokic era played in the playoffs in terms of toxicity.

  2. I'm a Raptors fan, and the Nuggets are my West team, largely because you employ our Canadian hero Jamal Murray.

  3. Yeah personally you guys get a lot of hate but I've only had good interactions with yall. Nothing bad to say about Toronto

  4. I saw a highly upvoted comment on the Knicks sub after the Porzingis trade that said “at least we don’t have to pretend he’s better than Jokic anymore”

  5. Like they weren’t happy with the draft? They were talking shit? What happened. I didn’t really hear much on this sub from Nuggets fans yesterday.

  6. Too much overreaction and I saw people hating on peyton in his ig. Toxic

  7. The coolest thing he did during bones draft pick was say Bones instead of na'shon

  8. I understand the sentiment but could have just hoped for a hamstring, why a career altering injury lol

  9. Perkins at the end: "A sprained ankle or a stomach bug wouldn't have had him not play. I wanted him to not play."

  10. Simons seems like a much better playmaker. Scoring seems a wash. Defense goes to Poole but both are mid. Depends on what you value, I'd go simons

  11. Man. Demps is big but Booth makes him look tiny lol.

  12. Many in our sub seem to think Kamagate is a steal and Braun and Watson could have gone later

  13. Fucking incels hating on Peyton under his reply on a Nuggets post which was an intro video. Pathetic. I'm rooting for him so so hard now. Forgot how toxic our fanbase was.

  14. Our new GM is in over his head and has no idea what he's doing. Probably panic picked a player as the clock was winding down.

  15. No lol. Our pick was in barely a minute into the 5 minute timer. Same for both picks

  16. Btw guys this is for the nuggets. Well we're getting defense atleast

  17. this is definitely the worst draft day for trades EVER. Absolutely atrocious.

  18. Paolo seems like a very big market kinda guy. Houston is a good spot for him

  19. Kuzma vs MPJ too. They keep randomly having these stupid one v one showoffs for no reason

  20. DLO has beef with the Ball Brothers? Because Lonzo replaced him?

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