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  1. He looks like he created the caption of this post

  2. damnnn that guy is gonna have a wicked bald spot 💀

  3. I doubt it came out at the root, it would have snapped where the dreads start, probably saved 2mm or so. should grow back. My friend has thin dreads to his waist and he has them snap off occasionally

  4. yeah haha if they were thin around the middle its possible but i was thinking with how tight they are and how tender the scalp can me it couldve been from the root

  5. I always thought serotonin syndrome was a risk when taking LSD or DMT with SSRIS, or seizures/convulsions could more likely happen despite them lowering the effects of the drugs ?

  6. Which pants from y/project are those in particular? Love them

  7. How long ago did you reduce the lexapro dose? It's weird that a lower dose would cause problems if the higher lexapro dose never caused those issues.

  8. When I was taking higher doses of lexapro I wasn’t taking as much LSD tabs past 300ug I think.

  9. i’ve read multiple times that if you aren’t hydrated you can have some seizures

  10. that does remind me that for that entire night i did not eat or drink anything either on accident.. i had gotten one bite of pizza in before i had a seizure. I think i had a pepsi though before i left, but that is not hydrating at all.

  11. There is a big chance you aren’t taking care of yourself,,✌🏼

  12. I have been! I am just taking a break from serotonergic drugs other than my medication for a bit until i can lower my dosage of my SSRI and ween myself off of it and not taking any dosage higher than 300ug.

  13. Maybe it’s just the picture but there should be some moisture on those walls.

  14. I was in fact thinking of the same thing if there was even a tutorial for psilocybin sweets with video footage ! I would be interested 😀

  15. Grown from a mix grain bag, about I think half a pound of each.

  16. I wouldn’t say deep though, but it’s even.

  17. No signs of myc yet. You use spres or culture?

  18. Its gonna take a while if you used spores

  19. i'm considering culture for my next in fact :) i was hoping to see some myc sprout after 3-4 days

  20. Uhhh it might kill stuff on the outside of the bag? Why would it go through the bag?

  21. I was thinking it could go through the hole I injected the spores with

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