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  1. What sites would you guys prefer I link news articles from (when I’m not linking an article shown in a tweet).

  2. Personally, I like NPR, BBC, and The Associated Press for national or international news. For local news, it's difficult to figure out.

  3. You can go to Convoy Street, there are Korean restaurants with private karaoke rooms for rent, they have the greatest and best pop songs. You can go to Balboa Park, there are museums, the rose garden, and the Japanese Friendship Garden. You can go hiking specially at Cowles Mountain or Torrey Pines. You can go to the strawberry fields in Carlsbad which has flower fields. There are also a lot of beaches, I really like Ocean Beach because there are usually less people than at Pacific Beach. Try anything outdoors, so many options! Good luck!

  4. I am from Socal and I moved to San Antonio this week. I agree that Texas is like everywhere else, people are just living their lives and they are not paying attention to me. I am very liberal but I don't plan to advertise it to my neighbors or the whole town. I am having difficulties with the freeways haha. The best thing that you can do is help vote out the politicians that you don't agree with you.

  5. NAL, but worked in a bank. That check would be considered lost and/or stolen. Report a stolen check since the intended payee did not receive it. It is possible that the person who has your check had enough balance in their account or a long term relationship with their bank. Maybe teller/banker did not see the payee name. The person might have endorsed the back of the check to themselves or it was stamped by the teller which they should not do especially if it is written to a law firm. See if you can find an image of the check on your online transactions. In my experience, if a teller allowed that check to go through and the funds already left the account and they can't recover the fund, the branch would take the loss. Your bank also verified without confirming the endorsement against the payee name and continued to verify the funds to the other bank. Multiple steps in the transaction / check verification process were missed by the teller, the other bank, and your bank.

  6. Thanks. The endorsement is a stamp only, with a (different) bank account number and related numeric information, no party name at all. There is no way I can look up this account number, the other bank certainly won't tell me.

  7. I am wondering how they got the check. Some bill pays are mailed directly to home branch of the account. But if the address is yours..weird.

  8. Life is not over. I don't remember high school. I say you finish high school, then go to community college. Depending on your state, it might be free to attend. Take easy major or GE courses to bring up your GPA to qualify for financial aid. Go to school full time or part time and then you work part time. I worked full time and took three courses a semester, always 2 easy and 1 hard course so I can get good grades. Transferring is a lot easier. While schools will ask for my high school transcripts, it is the grades from community college that they will focus on.

  9. NAL. If you do purchase a home together, make sure the mortgage is in both your names and the title is listed as "you", unmarried individual and "gf", unmarried individual as tenants in common. In TIC unlike joint tenants, you can list the percentage of the house that you each own. The percentage would go to either of your estates if one or both die.

  10. I learned math by watching the math helpline on our local PBS. You can call in, tell them your grade and textbook, and they answer your questions on TV.

  11. Where are his socks? He might've won if he had socks on.

  12. What about the other two years? Did you file your taxes?

  13. What do y’all think about that nigga Archie? 🤱🏽

  14. I am mad about the racist comments. Just a cute baby, less than a week old.

  15. This fake outrage is annoying! I feel like the employees tried to help them. I watched this other video that explained everything.

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