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  1. Dear. Use the ‘out of home’ feature, that will make sure your ability to control it even if you’re faced with a network issue despite your active network connection. I’ve had this exact issue yesterday l. But didn’t care so long I was able to control it anyway.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I haven’t got any issues since!

  3. Has it worked before? Is it the round or square bridge?

  4. It has worked before! It is the square one with the circle in the middle where it says Philips

  5. I cannot say whether there is any other companies to choose from, but as the two others have commented

  6. Thanks guys for all the info. I am going with and since I am living in Canada (Quebec) we have no options but having the system monitored. Obviously being new to this, is there a way to integrate my Nest Cam (indoor, outdoor and nest hello) to the interface?

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