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  1. In an intact relationship its a perfectly useful legal tool, like a pre-nup. Say one spouse finds out they are getting an unexpected inheritance from a long-lost relative. They want to use the money to make improvements to the marital residence, but be able to get that money back in the event of a divorce. A post-nup could do that.

  2. Legal subtleties. If no one had died during the explosion on the Crimean bridge, it would have been a sabotage in all respects. And yes, using a person to blow up a person who was not aware that he was carrying explosives is not terrorism at all. Go learn materiel.

  3. Thats pretty subtle. Hitting a military target at a time designed to minimize casualties is terrorism because several civilians died. Hitting a mall at rush hour, not terrorism because....Russia stronk. Go soak your head.

  4. Что взять с либерах, которые только и верят одной стороне и не хотят изучить хотябы теорию и законы страны(открываем УК РФ и читаем, что пишут по этому поводу).

  5. You go learn the matter. Blowing up one guy on purpose is no more terroristic than blowing up a whole apartment building full of people on purpose. Hypocrite.

  6. I make ice cream, so I end up with a lot of extra whites....

  7. What is your setup like? I was just reading how someone said that making their own wasn’t worth the cost. It almost put me off of the idea.

  8. I find the calculations on whether it saves you money to be kind of complex. For instance, do you compare the cost with what you would pay for a lower end product from the grocery store? Or to the equivalent premium product?

  9. Not only that but they ask if you have a retirement fund and how much is in it. If it's too much they decline.

  10. That is state dependent. Thirty-four states and the District of Columbia have eliminated their SNAP asset limits for most recipients. Another five states have raised their asset limits: Idaho, Maine, Michigan, and Texas have raised their SNAP asset limit to $5,000—more than doubling the federal standard—and Nebraska has raised its asset limit to $25,000 in liquid assets. The rest are set at the federal level 2,250.

  11. You don't get charged a fee for not maintaining a minimum balance? My bank sucks

  12. Many banks have checking where you don't have to have a minimum balance as long as you have direct deposit. Citizens checking is free if you make one deposit a month in any amount. Switching is worth the hassle!

  13. Did you apply for free care with the hospital? Public hospitals are required to offer reduced cost or free care to low income patients, but many of them don't publicize this option.

  14. Wow, you just gave out the biggest nonsense about the Napoleonic Wars that I've heard.

  15. Are you seriously suggesting that Napoleon did not invade Russia? You aren't kidding when you say the Napoleonic wars are not well understood in Russia if thats what you believe.

  16. Now Napoleon would invade Russia when he has a full-scale guerrilla war going on in Spain. Britain is still preparing all sorts of landings and trying to lure Austria and Prussia to its side

  17. Everyone is trying to tell you that bombing the ever-loving fuck out of civilians increases their will to fight.

  18. Thats an opinion. Its not obvious to me that the Russians agree with your interpretation. They bombed the fuck out of Grozny and won that war.

  19. They aren't "merely" bombing Ukraine, nor was "terror bombing" the subject under discussion- it was intentional targeting of civilian targets.

  20. If you want to move out of state, you are free to do so right now, before the baby is born.

  21. You are getting good advice regarding the eviction procedure. I just want to add that if Bob becomes abusive, you should call the police and then get a restraining order. You do not have to live with someone violent while pursuing an eviction.

  22. They then had a second warrant that they amended with ""It is further ordered that the attending physician or emergency room physician at XXXX Hospital, enter the vaginal cavity of said person."

  23. If its pointless to discuss, then I guess only an idiot would jump into the conversation.

  24. Its likely the judge would impute a wage to you based on what you have earned in the past, your education, etc. Given your situation it is likely that amount will be very low.

  25. I’m thinking about how lucky my husband and I are to have retired with a pension plan ( me) , a 401K (him) and our ss checks. We also own our home. We aren’t living the high life , but we are comfortable. I feel really badly for some people that are single and have worked minimum wage jobs and have to retire because of health. These are the older people that have to worry. Especially if the don’t own their homes. Don’t even mention government subsidized housing. The area I live in has lists that are years long.

  26. In my town the property tax bill has gone up 50% in the last three years, and is creating a lot of financial stress for older people who have been in their home for decades. Owning a home doesn't fully protect you from cost of living increases.

  27. To reassure you, small claims court isn't really much of a threat. It isn't very time consuming, and you don't need a lawyer. If you are served, respond and show up to court. You then offer your testimony, and any back up evidence you have in the form if emails and texts.

  28. I just wanted to mention the "expensive items". You have no requirement to give her back the amount of money she paid in. If you each paid one third of the original cost you are co-owners. If she wants you to buy her out of her share, at most you owe her one third of what the item is worth now. The used price. So if you bought an expensive TV for $3,000 two years ago, and you can now buy that same TV used for $300, you would only owe her $100.

  29. Is the land divided, as in each of the heirs solely owns their own plot? Or is the land co-owned with three heirs on the deed to the entire property?

  30. I can relate. Elta MD is the only one I have tried so far that does not break me out. Paying that $41 makes me cringe but I do it. I would love to find a good inexpensive sunscreen that my skin would accept.

  31. Have you tried Blue lizard? Its just micronized zinc oxide, so no chemicals, and its the only thing that didn't make my kids eczema flare up. Fair warning, it gives you a white-ish sheen. Not a problem for me since with my skin I go around with a white-ish sheen all the time, but it might not work with make-up.

  32. Fast food, coffee at Dunkin (it’s like a culture thing here, everyone drinks DD regularly) and brewed coffee. I switched to instant, and spend $7 every few weeks instead of every 5 days. The dark roast varieties are pretty good, and none gets wasted from brewing too much or letting it sit in the pot for too long. Fast food has been hard with both of us working full time and 3 kids, but it’s just too expensive and unhealthy.

  33. Most beef. I’m not paying 7$ a pound for stew beef. If I find a cut on sale I might get it, but even dog bones are 5$ apiece now? Ridiculous. In the last 9 months we’ve (I’ve)cut our beef consumption by at least7/8. I really feel like most of it’s price gouging.

  34. Where I am the sale beef ($3/lb) is cheaper than boneless chicken ($6/lb), which I find entirely crazy. We have actually upped our beef consumption.

  35. Many towns in NJ have town ordinances prohibiting rent increases over a certain amount.


  37. Saying this as gently as possible, but this post sounds like you still have a tiny bit of a dysfunctional relationship with your things. I am sure your condo is beautiful, and expresses you, but it isn't actually you. Its quite possible that your father doesn't understand the degree to which you are identifying yourself with your condo, and the degree to which you want him to see it as an expression of everything you are before this big change in your life. To him, its not you its just a house, and not worth the pain it would cause your step-mother to travel there in the car. Does that make sense to you?

  38. I am totally intrigued and would love to contribute to a buy nothing group but I’m freaked out about a stranger coming to my house to pick up. I also live in a fairly crime ridden city so I’m not being paranoid.

  39. I don't understand why people are so freaked out by this, though I know you aren't alone. Can you walk me through the thought process? You are giving stuff out for free, so they aren't planning to rob you. Its not like career criminals are choosing the houses they want to rob by waiting for people to post free stuff on buy nothing. You have their phone number and name, so they would have to be like the world's stupidest criminals to be picking their victims through buy nothing. I personally feel more at risk walking back to my car after dinner out,

  40. Ok so I will attempt to walk you through it. Thanks for being civil and if I’m not please say so.

  41. My grandmother got carjacked in the grocery store parking lot. I am familiar with the concept of crime. What I don't understand is why people think that the act of "giving out their address" is somehow fuck around and find out more than say, going to the grocery store.

  42. I think America does that everywhere, not just war. Anyone else remember the 80's when the unstoppable powerhouse Japan was going to fully own America in a few years? Sputnik, which proved that the commies were going to win the space? And the French have better food, the Italians know how to live, the Indians are churning out engineers at a fearsome rate, and on and on. America is not a country that underplays other countries accomplishments.

  43. In theory the answer is no. You don't reside in PA, you have no assets in PA, PA has no jurisdiction over you.

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