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Greater Los Angeles Metro Fantasy Map

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  1. I was passing by on the 5 south. My condolences.

  2. Thankfully it wasn't that long. CHP ended pushing someone off at Western or something

  3. That’s good to hear, further north near lankershim the 5 was completely flooded. They had to narrow it down to one lane. The traffic was nasty.

  4. I suddenly woke up fully alert just before 9am. Just learning about an earthquake. Never reacted that way before. Normally sleep through them easy.

  5. Funny you mention that, I wake up the same way to them. But when I’m awake I don’t seem to feel the little ones!

  6. It was weird. In my mind, I heard two loud bangs. Scared the hell outta me.

  7. I definitely already did. Along with a plea to remove upholstered seats from the trains and Rapid lines. What a hare-brained idea to have ever thought that was appropriate on public transportation shared by thousands of people every day.

  8. Metro has been making the switch to vinyl seats. The subway, new buses and light rail have gotten the update. A lot of the older buses are slated for retirement, so I doubt they'll get vinyl seats.

  9. I ride the 45C buses the most and none of them have the upgraded seating. I always pat the seat down with the back of my hand before sitting just to make sure.

  10. A 45C with vinyl. Never thought they'd get the update.

  11. You caught the day: sky looks sun-seared, hills like boiling gold....and the city just movin' along. It all looks like 105 degrees (oh wait, the bus says it's 180 outside).

  12. This is a photo from last winter. It had just rained before I took the photo, which is why it's so clear.

  13. In my life, I’ve driven past that place literally thousands of times. Every now and then I say to myself or whoever I’m with, “one day I wanna stop in there, even if just to check it out, maybe get a pizza.”

  14. It's pretty cool inside. I recommend taking a look.

  15. Smell it in Glendale. No news I can find on Google, so I came here.

  16. Not a bar fight, but I've seen a guy get the shit kicked outta him in downtown Glendale by like 5 fully grown men who were all wearing business casual looking attire. I felt like I was witnessing a scene right out of a modern day mafia/mobster movie.

  17. Why would you commute to… checks notes… work at TJ? There are several TJS between there and Palmdale.

  18. It checks out. When I worked at the Pavilions in Sherman Oaks, I met a guy in the back who commuted from Compton. It's probably for better pay.

  19. I once met a woman on the bus from LA to PHX who told me that she used to drive round-trip on the daily from Blythe, CA to Riverside. That's about 170 miles one way. She was in college to be a nurse.

  20. The funny thing about is that L Line Gold is going to end up in Rancho Cucamonga lol

  21. I don't think the Gold Line will go further into San Bernardino County than Montclair.

  22. You're right. I completely forgot that Ontario Airport is being proposed.

  23. It doesn’t seem super efficient to have such a long narrow parking garage, but what do I know

  24. What exactly are you referring to?

  25. The clerk says: "Why the long face?" The horse, who can't understand, takes a big dump on the floor.

  26. Then a phone notification appears: "Your pie has arrived".

  27. Coyotes are out in socal. Someone just posted a coyote ate a cat left the body in the tree near Hamilton HS yesterday

  28. Coyotes left a cat in our front yard years ago. Found it when I walked outside to go to school. We used to have chickens as well, and a mom brought her two pups to kill about a half dozen of them. Pretty sure she did that just to teach her kids, cause not much was taken.

  29. Lovely shot my friend!! Happen to know what kind of bird that is?

  30. Huh, now that I take a closer look I see that. I’m so used to seeing the green/red ones where I live on the Central Coast but that guy has striking coloration.

  31. I typically see the green ones myself in the Valley. Don't think I've seen a red one now that I think of it.

  32. Active ass corner right there, I remember some foos used to get shot right there at the chevron

  33. Guess I've been lucky all these years, knock on wood

  34. pmjm says:

    Beautiful shot! And it took some balls to stand in the road to get it too.

  35. Thanks. No kidding, I really had to watch my back.

  36. Ahh you're 'that guy' I almost ran over

  37. Hey, it beats dumping it in the lawn waste bin. I got fined and had my lawn waste bin removed from my property for multiple pickups in a row bc some asshole kept putting his plastic bag of dog shit in it. Had to appeal to the city to get it back.

  38. How on earth did they figure out that your bin was the source of the poop?

  39. Nice shot. Where approx. are you looking from?

  40. You know, I was thinking about that while I was up there

  41. I'm probably taking the bus on the top right. That's the 94.

  42. This has psychosis vibes. As a recovering addict, I've been there. Whoever wrote this is making connections that only make sense in that mindset. The change of blue ink to red in is likely the person thinking they just had a huge revelation.

  43. For sure, yea major upgrades would be needed, what I went for was a possible and practical map, however a very expensive and very long to build map. By practical I mean we aren’t running a train on every street, I really did try to space them out properly, but politically I don’t know how practical this is. If people wanted this though it would Atleast be possible to build.

  44. Honestly, my main issue is that so many light rail lines are acting like commuter routes. I understand that's it's easy to just pretend on a fantasy map, but why can't there be a map that actually considers the fact that some of the lines can't simply be extended to the far reaches of the region. This is nothing against you personally, I just see the same thing all the time. People think of Los Angeles as though it's Shanghai or some other Chinese city with one type of rail transit. In reality, we're more like San Francisco or Philadelphia. Like SF or Philly, we have commuter rail, subway, light rail, and city buses. But everyone who makes a Los Angeles Metro fantasy map either doesn't know, or forgets that light rail exists and can't simply be treated like a subway line. Also, everyone forgets that Metrolink exists too, and there is plenty of abandoned or underutilized rail corridors that could be considered for expansion of that system. I'm ranting at this point, but I'm tired of seeing every fantasy map thinking that subway is the only type of transit that exists.

  45. You seem to be really knowledgeable, you should make an updated map yourself! This dude put a ton of work into a fantasy and you're tearing it apart based on all the other bad maps you've seen? Does this map imply he wants to delete bus service?

  46. OP is way more educated than I am on public transportation. I brought up light rail in relation to this fantasy map. It sparked a conversation, which led to me ranting about a trend I've noticed. I apologize if it came off as offensive.

  47. The article said they advise residents shelter in place.

  48. Any idea how long we have to stay inside for? How long will it take to dilute enough for the air to be reasonably safe?

  49. Depends on where you're riding. I ride the bus everyday from Glendale to Pasadena, and I rarely see shit worth writing home about. Probably best to avoid the Red Line though, I'm hearing there's a lot of drug use on board.

  50. I guess their protest is only for those who could actually afford an electric car after two years of a pandemic.

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