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Warner Bros Sets ‘Constantine’ Sequel; Keanu Reeves & Francis Lawrence To Reunite, Akiva Goldsman Scripting & Producing With Bad Robot’s JJ Abrams & Hannah Minghella

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  1. To make it easier to read, it’s the activation of a card or activation of an effect(say a graveyard or hand effect that activates). It’s not a card activation since those have to be on field). It is an effect activation though.

  2. Thanks for clarification. Do you know of an instance then when witches strike would resolve? (Is it only a direct counter to the solemn cards?)

  3. u can trigger it off the adventure gryphon rider too if that happens to come up. back when adventure was new, that shit was so free lol. take me back to witchs strike eldlich with 3 conq 😩

  4. Lol good to know. I thought the token collector guy was good tech but Witches has got to be better. Now to go against one of the few ppl running adventure engine

  5. Bailey's works but it changes the recipe a little

  6. I tested this a few times. If she is allowed to cast her S3 the game (Android for me) starts to slow to a crawl until it (and other apps) just crash.

  7. This legit just happened to me in nya tower.. I was on stage 10 and now it says I was defeated and I have to do it all over again

  8. I don't know how to post a screenshot here but it's the tab under the events banner called mission pass and I got stuck after completing first challenge

  9. I think I know what you're referring to, you need to use paid pellets. Free pellets aren't available to be used for it.

  10. Ohh okay, I thought cuz the challenges were different colors for paid/f2p it was like the battle pass where you could pay for a better track and get more rewards. Thanks for clarification.

  11. Right on. I don't have f lairei yet and Olivia is 3 days out, but I have w krom, w Walther, w Helga, w and e lacellica, as well as the freebies from the story, can I beat the last stage with them yet?

  12. W Walt is the best unit to get early from summons, invest in him the most/first. He will clear the waves of enemies, him and e luci are your boss killers. Get Vanessa( either one for normal but preferably water) for heals and your good to go all the way up to extreme.

  13. Brandon when?... My link stones can't wait any longer

  14. Don't use striker who can one shot your team. That is why I give F Joshua a debuffer build (I gave him 2 hp+ 2 def + 1 resistance+ 1 speed)

  15. Any tips for the last boss in extreme? I keep getting cc'd and having my own characters kill me team.. also that last phase

  16. Do we know what character will replace Syph in limited banner?

  17. Depending on the percent increases to chance on her s1 and s3 from leveling up, she could be bonkers. Give her all c dmg and atk with d josh/w krom and have her spam extra turns into double dmg s1

  18. I'm stuck at the sea god in extreme, I think I have a good enough team. Should I be focusing on getting my characters to 60( e Laph and w Walther are already promoted, sitting at 6star ~40) or should I prioritize on something else. I have earth dog and d nine for sap, w krom for bulwark, both vans for heals.

  19. How come Dokkan is never in theses lists? Are they not making money or just not in the same category to be put in list?

  20. Loot is easy to get? Not for getting good or "perfect" pieces. Farming tubbies in bl2 to get a "perfect" legendary class mod takes a lot of time and has a low drop rate but once you get one your done( only thing u have to worry about is the level) in wonderlands to get a "perfect" class mod you have to run chaos chambers (terrible dedicated farms) for loot bunnies then roll the right primary and secondary classes, the right point allocations for the skills and then the right sub stats. There's so much rng on gear in wonderlands that a lot of farms are equivalent to grinding a 94 sham. Plus gearbox will nerf your class once you spent full days farming it.

  21. E Laph is a tanky flat dmg beast. His only aoe is his ult but his stats/s2 make up for it. He is a warrior tho so you'll potentially need diff gear. Only reknown farms are completing story quests and coliseum (which takes forever)

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