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  1. Employment report for September releases today. Market expectations are as follows:

  2. A spike or dump at 8:30 and then back to flat-lining until the next Fed announcement, like one of those hospital cardiac monitors but with a slow two week rhythm; blip, blip, blip

  3. Having someone watch, judging silently, really helps set the mood.

  4. They do it all the time, even when I'm having a dump, it's a wonder he doesn't hold up a scorecard at the end 😳

  5. I had no idea Olio existed, usually give my stuff away to friends and neighbours but thanks for the tip off (Yes, I know, "that's wot she said!" )

  6. St James Park (feed the birds and squirrels), the Mall and Buckingham Palace for changing of the guard around 11ish I think?

  7. I remember London then, it was pretty grim the further down the tube line you went, gentlefrication has moved slowly along the tube lines but when I first arrived in London I watched my back when out in the streets..

  8. There's steps down to the riverside just at the start of that stretch of restaurants, when the river is low you can get great shots from there too... I think they're called Horseferry Stairs

  9. There's a lot of futurist that think we're all going to be living in mega-cities in the future; London, New York, Tokyo, Grimsby etc 🤪

  10. I wonder if we’re on the verge of breaking out upwards. Inshallah.

  11. Just for old times sake I thought I'd drop a "To the moon! 🚀" comment in here. Remember them?

  12. Some of it is because it's affecting you now so you notice things about cancer now that previously you may have skimmed over.

  13. Canadian? Don't forget the most important rule when about to cross the road - look right, then left, yes, right then left. My Canadian friend keeps looking the wrong way out of habit and has had a few close calls! (and double check for folk on electric scooters silently speeding down the road.)

  14. We couldn't afford colour them days, though there was a family down the street that rented a colour telly from Radio Rentals, it was like being at the cinema, COLOUR!!!!

  15. We played this at school, it was quite a rough school, get that fucking ball in their net no matter what. Good training for my career in the SAS. 😜

  16. Do you mind sharing roughly when and where this was?

  17. 404 page not found mate, did they change their mind - like our Chancellor of the Exchequer over here in UK?

  18. My guess is that he corrected the link but that triggers automod to remove it. Here is an indirect link that should be allowed:

  19. Lovely. I love seeing these wide panoramic shots of London 👍

  20. Ah, meant to put that. Thanks, post updated

  21. Well, for my generation it was "I got a brand new combine harvester" followed by this bollocks;

  22. and yet when they're teenagers they sleep until midday, funny how nature likes to keep everything balanced 🤪

  23. The talk is Credit Suisse and Deutsche are in trouble. UK exposure? CS's stock chart looks horrible. Deutsche, not so bad. Stay tuned.

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