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  1. I don't think driving a stick makes me a better driver than most people. No sir, I do not think it.

  2. I keep hearing people talking about the Sony long are you people spending in the menu vs shooting? The FS5 with RAW is still a killer value in 2022.

  3. I shouldn't have to spend any time in menus. I shouldn't have to study a menu system before I use a camera for the first time. You basically have to learn an entirely new vocab to navigate it.

  4. Sorry, but that's just BS. But you do you...

  5. They're garbage, I don't know what to tell you. Sorry if I offended your special brand.

  6. Yes, this is common as well. But it is technically allowed to be published with a fine print disclaimer that the advertised price is applicable to THIS specific stock number and only THIS specific stock number. I've had to explain this to do many customers. It's really shocking the number of people that don't read that stuff.

  7. It's really shocking you don't seem to understand that it's not the customer's fault the business is deceptive and underhanded. That's on the business.

  8. The thing is, Spiderman doesn't have spider like powers. Spiders are not super strong and agile. They have terrible eyesight. Ok, he can climb walls, but so can a gecko and geckos are much more agile. Spiders don't shoot web either. At least some lizards spit.

  9. Hello, my name is Hlysmkss. You can call me Hlysm. I've been addicted to chess for 5 years and it has ruined my life and family.

  10. You don't seem to understand why a DSLR is more fun to most people so I explained it to you.

  11. People keep saying that because if you fucking run someone over you will at least lose your license pretty much anywhere on the world. Just because it's an older video doesn't change that.

  12. This is what happens when you don't let kids drink and commit petty vandalism.

  13. I find this significantly less offensive than the masturbatory displays of power and cruelty they commit in public on the regular.

  14. You can get a used 7d II for around that price. The video has the DP AF, so that's a huge bonus. It's also one of the best ASPc cameras ever made. The STM lenses are very cheap and very good too.

  15. Blaming countries for past actions generations ago is dumb regardless

  16. This is what American white people actually believe and they use it to pretend like there is no racism in the USA.

  17. Call in gay even if you’re straight. Just say you got better

  18. I don’t know about all that, but I bet you’d really enjoy The Three Body Problem books series by Cixin Liu

  19. I’m glad someone called them out on their bullshit. The less we all put up with it, the better.

  20. Each of us has to make the best choice given their requirements and resources. All I can do is give you my opinion on what worked best for me and why. Not to direct you or be disrespectful to you in any way. I would give the same opinion if one of my friends asked the same question.

  21. Good points. For me the difference between 17 or18 and the 14 is quite dramatic. It completely opened new night time landscape images to me. As for the telephoto end, I opted for a telescope designed for astrophotography after trying to use my canon 500 4.0 L lens with a star tracker without to much success. The advantage to the canon lens was adapted astro filters but that was a mixed bag so that help push me to lenses designed for star viewing. Check out William optics should turn to that route.

  22. What problems did you have with the 500 f4? I'm looking to pick one up and astro was going to be the additional excuse I used to push me over.

  23. You should replace it with motivational quotes like, "Stop playing chess and do something useful with your life." or "You're never gonna make it past 1400 you stupid bitch; get laid".

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