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  1. Človek by si myslel, že tie ikonky ťahajú z nejakej globálnej databázy. A nie že si ich kreslia sami.

  2. They said the same shit about artillery

  3. They said it about Javelins too.

  4. Did they ? I remember they said some bully tier bullshit, like it will just make the ukrainians suffer more and basically not providing them anything was more human (the audacity !), but I don't remember Russia saying small arms was a red line

  5. I think they said something along the lines that everyone who supplies any weapons or ammo to Ukraine will be on unfriendly country list and they will punish them somehow.

  6. Technically it's virtually impossible to fly a drone and record video on it in Slovakia. You need a licence or permit of sorts, and after you take the video you have to send it to the ministry of defence to check whether you recorded something they want to keep a secret.

  7. Keby som bol v miestnosti s Ficom a Breivikom a mal by som pištol s dvoma nábojmi tak by som strelil Fica dvakrát.

  8. Saying Russian civilization is like saying slum mansion.

  9. Looks like they fixed the turret popping at least.

  10. Aww, what kind of missile hits? Looks like a very very…verrrrry fast one?

  11. Artillery hit on Russian ammo storage.

  12. Meanwhile, Finland joins NATO exactly according to Putins plan. Russian army won't even have to go through neutral countries in order to crush NATO from all directions. 21d chess indeed.

  13. It's all according to plan, 3 day operation means 3 days from now.

  14. Everything so far has just been in preparation for the three day plan. Putin’s no dummy, so he’s not telling us when those three days start. But you’ll know it’s finally happened when Russia takes over the entire world. Then on the second day, the rest of the solar system. And then Day 3… that’s when things really get interesting.

  15. On the third day, Lenin will raise from the dead, obviously.

  16. Jesus what a shit show for Russia. Well done.

  17. Russians launch an attack, fail, and retreat to regroup. Ukrainians usually report this as a repelled attack. But sometimes they report it as a retreat of Russians. So I guess the but do not stop part refers to the fact that they regrouped.

  18. They are having trouble with snake island which is like three m²

  19. To be fair, England is pretty small if you zoom out enough.

  20. He is || this close to figuring it out.

  21. They had to drop 4 grenades to hit the weak spot and I think it was the engine or just right behind the turret. The tank is facing towards the upper right corner. Armour there is something like 20 mm, but there should be a wall between the engine and the ammo, so engine hit shouldn't trigger the ammo detonation. The two people running are the gunner and commander, they sit in the turret. The driver stayed in the tank.

  22. Yeah, that should last them about a week.

  23. umm, didn't Japan own that place before the war? not sure that's really "liberating".

  24. I mean this looks a lot like the Iwo Jima flag rising. This picture might become very famous.

  25. wasn't trying to rag you, sorry. I too see the resemblance I don't know for sure but I think it was supposed to.

  26. There is a picture where Ukrainians posed like that famous flag raising, but this one seems spontaneous.

  27. All Putin has to do to save his face is stop running into Ukraine's fist.

  28. One really has to catch their heads over the initial invasion plan. What the fuck were these guys planning to do?

  29. My guess is this. They were given orders to invade Ukraine and win in a tight time table. Their idea was that they will arrive to a city capture the city hall and force the mayor to control his people. They in no way expected armed resistance. They expected something like another Kazakhstan. They expected to arrive, man checkpoints and win.

  30. Geneva Convention Additional Protocol I (1977)

  31. Russia: Im gonna fucking denazify you Ukraine.

  32. So did Russians cross the river or not?

  33. No, it was officially said today that they didn't manage to do that. Also their pontoon was destroyed

  34. They tried more than once. I heard that second attempt was successful. Ukrainians might have pinned them against the river and defeat them, though. So as of today the official report says that all the Russian attempts were unsuccessful so far?

  35. Those behind shouted "Forward!", and those in front cried "Back!"

  36. Their ME one where they went through Syria before the war was great too. Wonder what the common thread there is...

  37. Top Gear are obviously NATO scouts that gather intel before a war is declared, duh.

  38. Depending on how the war unfolds, there can be some sort of deportation agreement between Russia and Ukraine. Like when after WW2, a lot of Germans were deported from Central Europe. People who migrated from Russia during the war could be deported.

  39. I bet whatever you want, Rusia will claim they've been there since forever, and will not take them back, especially not in exchange for deported Ukrainians.

  40. That's why it depends on how the war goes. If Ukrainians win decisively enough, Russia will not have a say in who stays and who goes.

  41. So 26,000 dead Nazis isn't enough of a streak for an electric bike? Stingy reward system there!

  42. Ukrainians spent all their points on howitzers.

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