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  1. 4D chess, it was a fakeout to see who’d be dumb enough to storm the barricades so they could round them up and announce the inditement at a later date without interruption.

  2. Too bad none of his supporters showed up 😂

  3. Yeah things get a little hairy sometimes but nothing I can’t smooth out.

  4. Those darn kids and their $1200 Covid checks crashed the stock market!


  6. I hope someone has a decent response for you. I happen to be in a similar state of mind as you, so hopefully there can be help

  7. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  8. Quick, panic buy toilet paper! /s

  9. It's a phenomenal film. You can also see two other bits where they've tried to save a bit of cash

  10. I have been looking all over for information on that! I thought it was me having a Mandela effect moment!

  11. This is just becoming a joke at this point

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