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  1. casey's is the best gas station food that I have found so far. Love stopping in for pizza, a candy bar, and a soda.

  2. you don't understand the awesomeness of good gas station food.

  3. I would agree. The RIA I worked for in the past charged 150bps, and my friend owns an RIA that only charges 100bps. It depends on the firm, and how much you have with them, and of that firm outsources asset management or not.

  4. I think even 100bps is high these days with an RIA.

  5. I got a text from my LV lady saying this is coming and to be ready.

  6. I have to get on a plane to see my LV lady, so likely not soon.

  7. Macroons from CH Patisserie. Nom nom nom nom.

  8. Agreed. It's like people still think they're the hairdresser car's instead of always the answer!

  9. It's never going to be easy to replace Dave. But, the current lineup won't cut it. I immediately archive any podcast that begins without Dave's voice. I listen to a lot of podcasts, I don't waste time on episodes without Dave.

  10. They drove all of the good personalities away. Nobody smart wants to sign up for their crap deal.

  11. Nielson Construction built our home. Haven't had any major problems with it. They did a nice job.

  12. Any time the weather is decent. It doesn’t get busy.

  13. Our horological lord and savior has more followers than ever!

  14. Red flags: Employer asks to see your personal budget. Employer needs to know everything about your personal life.

  15. Yes, but for that to happen chat has to come up with a clever excuse why Dog needs to take off his shirt.


  17. How has Picard not aged a day in 30 years????

  18. This is the collection of someone that can’t afford a Rolex so he buys crap and then rants about how Rolexes are overpriced and overdone.

  19. What the fuck is a bonus occasion? Is it when you wake up from bed to take a dump and it's midnight and you can't go back to sleep?

  20. I bought a casio .. that ended the searching for the "perfect" watch. I now have a drawer full of swiss shitters with wrong date and time.

  21. We already know the perfect watch is the Ball Magneto Engineer S. Nobody needs to “search for the perfect watch” in 2022.

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