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  1. The cup series is useless too. Learning to drive high downforce stock cars with big wide tires and 670 horsepower isn't really that impressive either.

  2. This should definitely be good for Hailie Deegan, considering the Craftsman Truck Series hasn’t helped her much at all in terms of learning asphalt racing. Heck in that series you mainly just run wide open at intermediates, so its no wonder she hasn’t learned much at all.

  3. MORE RULE CHANGES: Losing a wheel this year: on pit road under yellow-start at rear end. on pit road under geen-pass-thru penalty losing wheel beyond pit road: 2-lap penalty, 2-race suspension for 2 crew members (series director call),

  4. This is the correct move in my opinion. Good call. NASCAR having dubs left and right with these rule changes.

  5. Thats why you told Ballard to get Carson Wentz and not draft a QB in the 2021 draft…

  6. Reich wanted Wentz back for year 2. It wasn't his decision to ship him out.

  7. So why did Reich then go to Irsay/Ballard and apologize after the Jacksonville game in Week 18 that he wasn’t able to fix him. Sure it probably wasn’t his idea, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t in support of it

  8. I can tell you why. This is setup to video people in the shower.

  9. If you look closely, the iPad camera is lit up as well. They definitely being recorded

  10. On top of that they're not even allowed to interact with draft prospects yet I believe.

  11. I think they are. I saw a post yesterday that the Bears talked to a CB or a WR prospect from Jackson State that they were interested in drafting…so maybe they are? Who knows

  12. Josh Downs isn’t a bad prospect, same with A.T. Perry (later down). A.T. Perry’s a very underrated receiver from Wake Forest.

  13. One more thought: I know what some will say; They're too focused on Jeff Saturday! a) I don't know if that's true b) I'm talking here about things from Ballard's perspective, not the owner's. 3/3

  14. As we know, that did not end well. And you have to wonder whether that focus on McDaniels may have skewed the view of some of the other candidates the Colts interviewed. This search is playing out totally different. 2/3

  15. I wish the mods would keep this post because it is pretty funny, but I know unfortunately they’re gonna remove it

  16. Tbh it makes me feel better that Pelissero is saying that he’d be surprised if Saturday was hired.

  17. I doubt they have enough to move past Indy and Houston to get the top 2 QB’s. A trade with Indy keeps Chicago in play for their top guy and they get extra picks. They trade with Carolina and they likely lose the guy they want.

  18. Panthers got Brian Burns who is a very good, as well as a very young (24 years old in fact) DE, that I’m sure the Bears would be happy to get in a trade package, a long with extra picks. I personally wouldn’t disregard them to be in contention to move up.

  19. Good for Frank. Wish him nothing but the best…except when we play them next year. Gotta put that 💩 on primetime TV

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