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  1. Call me, "Fuckin'Intrigued," exactly where does it hurt? Your heart, your soul, your mind? Or perhaps, I'm just a pain in the Fuckin'Ass. Thanks for the comment dude. Have a great day, and a wonderful weekend. Peace.


  3. You seem like the version of me that doesn't give two fucks and I love that. Never stop being youself and your imagination. Don't even know you but I love you

  4. If you're ugly just deal with it. Focusing on the good looking people just makes you feel worse

  5. Limitless. It had a TV series based around police crimes and someone who had access to the pill solving cases. Really enjoyed it but no season 2 unfortunately.

  6. Guy I used to watched called "Bay Area Bugs" was proficient at throwing out GTA Roleplay videos where him and other friend would troll the serious players. After a while he stopped making them as much as the view count on his videos now is just so sad. Guy used to get millions of views.

  7. Here glass goes in with the other recycling, ie with your cardboard, paper, plastic etc in the green bin :)

  8. Literally with you on this. They had her standing after getting thrown into a building from 60 storys High then her just casualy rip off the harness, absorb him then just go into cardiac arrest and died. I get that they need to finish the show but they're really rushing this

  9. Can't lie. I sometimes get this but they really do fit the style I chose. You might just have a good ear for your preferred style

  10. Well if you did it right, it should be the first song in the hit DCOM, Lemonade Mouth aka the biggest proof that I am gen z I could possibly come up with lol

  11. Um, please don't spoil the new episode in your fucking title. Please and thank you. I'm sure not everyone has seen it yet.

  12. In my defence and the other guys. I did say carman. This seems like a big you problem

  13. Its just when he says "your mind was scanned a long time ago" so what did he really want?

  14. He said "most" of his mind with scanned long ago, refering to episode 9 of season 1, to explain how he managed to make a complete scan/copy of Rick's brain so quickly. I don't feel it goes any deeper than that.

  15. Ah thanks man. It was a hunch but glad to get it clarified. Mad references to the sameri episode to when morty becomes rick by taking on his memories

  16. As a bartender I found that business men/women tend to get wild with money. Had one gentleman just hand me notes and consistency telling me to keep the change. Also if you're good looking that helps more than you realise. I got baught drinks for having good charisma but the attractive staff would get Β£15 and a bottle of wine some bussy nights.

  17. Would have just baught some cheap milk and filled it with laxative

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