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  1. And the Cowboys Giants was the most watched regular season game ever. Safe to say the NFL is not having a ratings issue.

  2. Every other sport that is on around now uses the NFL as an excuse for poor ratings and it’s perfectly valid

  3. And this is all during the World Cup. Cray

  4. I’m a big nascar fan, and the ratings literally get cut in half once the NFL starts

  5. This season with his decision to stay in SF and the immediate Trey Lance injury couldn't have worked out any better for Jimmy G.

  6. Jets have an insanely good defense, a very solid young group of receivers, a future star rb, with 2 solid rbs behind him. They’re currently 6-4 with some of the worst QB play I’ve seen

  7. Ok so I see Mechanicsburg and I see the word race car. Does that have anything to do with sprint car racing

  8. My son has been a NASCAR fan (on his own) since he was 2. He would stop in his tracks to watch the races. Now he's really into them, knows the tracks, drivers, races. He even likes to act out races with his toy cars, but he doesn't have many actual NASCAR cars. I've looked at local stores and the selection are few and far between with a lot of the same cars. Do y'all have a good source I could order some for Christmas for him?

  9. Circlebdiecast, Diecast depot, lionel racing, eBay

  10. I think it's every team. GameDay threads bring out the hate-watchers

  11. I go on jets, Mets, nets, and NASCAR threads. They’re all terrible

  12. My favorite: the Jets are tied for last for number of AFC east titles. Ties for 5th/6th place in a four team division.

  13. I liked the first two but I don’t like this one

  14. I heard he's gonna drive for McLaren

  15. Jr fell off a cliff when he went to HMS but it got better. He was really damn good in 2014

  16. What does someone have to do to have a personality for you fucking morons? Like seriously? Blaney has tons of personality, but apparently dipshits like you think otherwise

  17. They do this with show cars a lot. There was a Natalie decker showcar with the RWR 51 or something on it

  18. Can’t wait for the outcry after the first green to checker race with a 30 second win margin.

  19. If there were no stage cautions at road america this past year, I’m convinced Elliott wins that race by like a minute

  20. Uhhh he didn’t even win that race…

  21. He had like a 40 second lead at the stage break

  22. They broke him in the sense that he played an entire season with a destroyed shoulder, even when it was clear Cleveland wasn’t gonna do anything. He hasn’t been the same since

  23. I forgot how bad 2020 was. First round exit and even worse than 2019 in nearly every category. The win really propped it up, and if he doesn’t win I’m not sure he makes the playoffs either. The reason this is so shocking to me is because Chevy was far stronger in 2020 than they were in 2019 as well.

  24. Chevy was was better once the playoffs started in 2020

  25. Byron probably had the worst 6th place points finish in recent memory. I was so confident after he won his second race this year and boy did I think he was going to have a Larson like year.

  26. Byron has been consistent and not won, or won and been insanely inconsistent. If he can put his consistency he’s showed with the occasional race winning speed he’s shown, he could be a top 5-10 driver

  27. If you've ever wondered how a terrible NFL QB and offense would look against a college level defense watch the game on Sunday lol.

  28. Hey the offense outside of QB is actually pretty good. Jets are a QB away from being a legit playoff team

  29. Zach Wilson is gonna make 2-3 stupid (in a good way) throws next week that’ll make me believe again, don’t worry

  30. Byron’s just kinda there. A ton of his diecasts don’t meet MOQ. I feel like not many have strong opinions on him

  31. Chastain and Chase got them fucked up eyes too

  32. Didn't Mac Jones finish with like 250+ yards passing though? Pats only having 3 points was an anomaly. Jets having only 3 points was a direct result of shitty offense.

  33. Pats offense was good up until like the 30 or 40 yard line

  34. Sauce is 28th in targets, so he does get targeted, but not a ton. He’s also leading the league in pass breakups, which is kinda wild

  35. Being 28th in targets and 1st in PBUs is absurd.

  36. Buddy I can tell you right now, black supremacy exists. That’s a fact. I encourage you to do research before speaking to tbings you don’t understand. How can white supremacy exist, but black supremacy cannot? Genuinely curious how your brain processes such nonsense. You don’t get to pick and choose which facts you want to believe in or not. Truth.

  37. You don’t need to do research to find it. It’s celebrated in the media. These same people say shit everyday that if a white person said the same thing, they’d be ran out of the damn country

  38. But the rules are very different on who has immunity from any accountability, or even for it to be recognized that an individual has been targeted or a victim of injustice. I can tell you now, nobody is immune from injustice and it’s about time we start pretending it’s any different for individuals regardless of race religion creed. Obviously historically, different groups have had vastly different experiences. But holding everyone accountable to the same rules and protections doesn’t undermine historical transgressions. In fact it validates the process we’ve made because of them. Feels like we’ve just exchanged one form of racism for another…

  39. To me, it’s always seemed like every preaching equality doesn’t actually want true equality

  40. Nope. That was one of the HMS test cars during the off-season

  41. Almost surprised they haven't. Imagine the apparel sales with an official "alternative" logo like this.

  42. There’s that girl on tiktok that made a bunch of logos like that in mspaint, and a ton of companies changed their profile pictures to her drawings. I think the lions even sold tshirts with that logo on it

  43. He was making some absurd throws into the craziest windows to a totally depleted WR group. I think what’s so frustrating about the Zach Wilson experience is that the talent is so clearly there even in his bad plays at times.

  44. Zach Wilson looks amazing or lost. No inbetween

  45. I’m still baffled by how much Diggs got clowned on last year (well, to an extent at least).

  46. I see both sides. He had some insane INTs, but he also got torched infuriatingly often and gave up almost 1000 yards

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