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  1. How does the heat transfer compare to, say, drilled and slotted performance rotors? They will still warp with extreme heat, no?

  2. Drilled rotors are a waste of money. They tend to develop cracks. Drilled rotors were a necessity, decades ago, due to gasses emitted by the pads. That's not the case any longer.

  3. Bet she loves those billions of $$ though. She doesn’t want to be related, but since she is she won’t turn down the money.

  4. Hell no! And I would also keep my mouth shut and not say stupid crap to the news/media. I’d love a very happy life and mind my business

  5. Can I gets some Moules with my Pommes Frittes and Mayo?

  6. All I want to know is the equivalent of Olympic size swimming pools.

  7. Also probably the first time we had so many Facebook "experts" during a pandemic.

  8. With this inflation, I too am looking for a new place to live.

  9. I'm no boomer and I prefer the public system we have here.

  10. You're a little thick, aren't you. Tires that are engineered for traction on snow and ice, have rubber compounds that stay pliable in freezing temperatures, aka winter tires, with the snowflake on the mountain symbol on them.

  11. You can get mud and snow tires that are "summer" tires, You can get snow and ice tires that are "all seasons" and "all weather" tires. None of those are "winter" tires. You're fucking 10 ply bud.

  12. Summer tires are not winter tires or snow and ice tires. All seasons are not winter tires or snow and ice tires. All weather tires are not winter tires, although they are the best compromise. They outperform all seasons, by a fair margin. Only dedicated winter tires have compounds and treads to maximize traction on snow and ice and other winter conditions.

  13. “Walking across a bed of hot coals is used in many parts of the world as a rite of passage or test”.

  14. I'm wondering how many other people here just googled 'furikake'

  15. People forget we are in the abrupt phase now. Watched a video a few months ago saying the climate is flickering. I think it's changing states as we speak the longer we wait the more permanent damage is done. Human kind stand no chance way too much momentum...

  16. That metaphorical snowball has probably too much momentum by now.

  17. Yeah scarily enough we lasted longer than the soylent people thought but it's going to end a hell of alot faster than soylent green that's for sure.

  18. Hence that pie chart explaining that no, it's not the primary factor, and his statement that no, we shouldn't stop making violent movies.

  19. I'm not suggesting that censorship is the answer, or that he is. In Canada, we have access to violent Hollywood movies and we have smartphones as well. Why don't we have the same problems?

  20. That’s clearly not what he’s saying. He’s saying there are multiple factors and excessive glorification of murder in Hollywood is clearly contributing to the problem.

  21. That new rule is just dumb. I'm Canadian and we're exposed to the same violent, Hollywood movies up here. Relatively speaking, we don't have such a big problem with people going on shooting rampages. What we don't have, is the easy way access guns.

  22. I'm so confused by overtime. They say compare deaths in Canada to California. Then they go on to say it's because of video games and movies. Do they not have video games and movies in Canada?

  23. We have easy access to the same movies and video games up here. What we don't know have, is easy access to guns.

  24. Exactly. That's what I was trying to point out. It's a silly comment that wasn't thought out on his part.

  25. OE brakes are actually quite good with a floating rotor, braided lines and a nice pad compound, they'll take almost everything you can hand them

  26. Exactly. A BBK will not improve the braking performance.

  27. That could do it. Mine ran hotter than normal for a few laps as well, but not this much. Installed a high capacity oil cooler after that.

  28. Finding out here in a bit… I don’t think there will be coolant in oil but let’s see. Car is slowly heating up at idle, so maybe a leak elsewhere? Hopefully?

  29. Thanks! I do have some experience in construction. Can you send me a details on who I should contact?

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