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  1. Dennis also isn’t as healthy as he thinks he is

  2. But, besides the diabetus, im more healthier than him, right?

  3. What do you do in govt? Im working tax in PA looking over at IRS jobs right now with some envy to be honest.

  4. I also work in government accounting. Mainly, what I do is work with different funds throughout the county I’m in and perform a lot of journal entries to properly allocate any transfers to/from other departments. I also do a lot of budgeting, so it’s almost more finance than accounting. It’s a lot of month-end tasks I do, so some days are slower than others, but it’s the best job I’ve had yet. Try looking for local/state positions since they pay a little bit higher than what I hear about federal jobs.

  5. Wow, really? I would have thought pay to be higher for fed positions but I havent looked at govt salaries closely enough. Im in AZ in Phoenix, so there's definitely some state positions as this is the capital.

  6. Willam Dafoe as Green Goblin is where Dennis Reynolds is heading in terms of sanity.

  7. Why you waiting until after 09/15? I’m in tax, and I’m smoking daily.

  8. Same. Would not be able to cope at PA otherwise. I dont know how these boring mfs i work with do it just with a few beers on the weekend.

  9. I think you captured Charlie and Frank's souls with these drawings

  10. Nah, they're all equally amazing to me. Every one of them is believable and I'm always thinking "are they drinking on set?" Constantly. I don't think Mac has ever done drunk acting now I think about it so he is the exception.

  11. No, but his concussion acting in mac and charlie die is so funny.

  12. They really like this argument. Make up a promise and then claim LGBTQ broke their promise thus meaning no one should ever trust LGBTQ people.

  13. Why does Patrick have a top hat and a girls umbrella? Is he on a date too??

  14. Yeah, with Spongebob. From the episode where they adopt the clam, and become a married couple essentially. And the diapers in the wall memes.

  15. Thin Limes???? People will choke, people will DIE!!

  16. Traditionally, Democrats were the "States rights" party, and the Republicans were the "Federal" party. Which meant the Democrats got a lot of votes in the south, while the Republicans got a lot of votes in the north.

  17. So, the southern strategy combined capitalism with pro-segregationist people wanting black people to not have any rights? That explains a lot of the current state of republicanism then.

  18. I mean, this also refutes the reality of mental illness. Sometimes happiness is a choice of one's attitude and perspective (optimist vs pessimist) or it can also be controlled by clinical depression or a variety of other mood disorders where neurochemicals are literally imbalanced, and people dont utilize enough free seratonin because their brains have hormonal/chemical issues. Like, it's neurological biology in some people. Yes, you can take meds to help improve, but without those meds, its a constant struggle to find satisfaction and live happy and content - regardless of one's success and fortune in life.

  19. But Mac actually refers to the original predator in his line about the "lineup in Predator", so this one makes sense and isnt just choosing a random new action movie

  20. Thank god, i thought i was the only one quoting "this broad is BESERK" to my friends, i literally use that one all the time!

  21. Depression summarized so well in Glenn's delivery of that line

  22. Definitely the lack of beard for me. Fully clean shaven, he looks way different but I think were all used to him bearded.

  23. Depends on the environment I guess. If I'm at the Wild Wings I thank people can be as loud as they like but if the lights are dim shut the fuck up

  24. Especially if Im trying to order the fresh fish daily at Cuginos

  25. I bet! Feeling pretty dumb right now lol

  26. We're gonna have to intervene on your goddamn illiteracy, bro

  27. I think it adds a lot of mass to this meme. That skinny twink on the left needs to start acquiring more mass anyways

  28. TGATAPSJTD - Through God, All Things Are Possible, So Jot That Down

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