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  1. Do it just like that! And then you get to find out if they made bets on how you would bring it up

  2. I feel like at this point the most satisfying thing to do would be to turn it into some kind of prank.

  3. I honestly was thinking about turning it into a prank🤣 I'm 99% they don't know. So I'd text the groupchat "wait yall know I'm not straight right?". I'd ask one of my siblings to say "uhm yea?". And let that sibling pretend like this was common knowledge for years. Let the rest be super confused n all that🤣

  4. I know its a part of getting older but I truly think the glory days of games are over for me. I love new Vegas and fallout 4 because you don't have to be online constantly. Bullshit mircotranaactions and everything else that ruins games nowadays.

  5. Dude im in my early twenties and I know me and my friends think the same. It's not about getting older. It just sucks.

  6. Nuka World was great. I never want to do it again, but it was great.

  7. I know only want to play in in games where I just focus on being part of the raiders cuz otherwise its just kinda an inconvenience

  8. As in, fewest bugs? I know 76 and Skyrim were.... a handful, but that bad? Damn...

  9. Fallout 4 mentions that it is impossible to find out if someone is a synth without killing them, so I'd assume if he was a synth; they would not have been able to notice while operating

  10. As long as you don't flirt with anyone when other romanced partners are nearby; you can romance em all

  11. The gender of your your character doesn't influence who you can romance. None of the romancable characters seem to care what your gender is.

  12. I mean the overseer is kind of nuts (but I guess she was probably a bit nuts before)

  13. Honestly I wish there was something tracking prices of crystals per weight, carving, color, ect... it's always a pain doing a deep dive to make sure I'm not getting scammed in the moment. Wholesale vs retail will also cause variations

  14. Yeah exactly, that's why I wish we could create some sort of guide, cuz I don't mind paying 70 instead of 60, but some ppl rlly try to sell you some 10€ crystal for 80€

  15. Burnout is also nice sometimes. Like when training muscles, understand the need to push for more, as well as the need not to hurt your muscles. Rest. Think. Repeat.

  16. Mention it in comment on other subreddits. When someone asks for like an idea or something. Tell them to try this sub

  17. Suuuuper clever making the barrels into mountains! Def loving this!

  18. It always helps when anyone gives any price. The biggest failing of this sub and most forums about freelance design is that no one wants to give a price - everyone wants to give a formula. So new freelance designers struggle.

  19. If they're done. Just stop looking at em. After a while you forget about them. and when you see them again, you won't still hate them (maybe even like them)

  20. Do you have a drawing pad? (Example: like the ones from wacom) If you don't, I highly recommend one

  21. I like it. It just bothers me that there is a star behind the "o" and that the text doesn't seem to be in the right place.

  22. Is "dream team" too obvious? Haha I already imagine the slogan being "team work makes the dream work"

  23. My first thought was that the dude creats medieval resin or plastic 🤣 or very strong glass. Weapons can easily be made out of stone. Or stone with a glass glazed over it idk haha

  24. What is the reason/thought process behind the splitting/lines covering the shoe? It makes it a bit hard to appreciate the details of the product which could be a problem depending on the purpose of the promotional material.

  25. I think the splitting thing is cool. But just a bit too thick for my taste. I'd make them more thin

  26. This is mostly important when it comes to those shit ass jobs you used to work as a teenager. If you're working ur actually "adult" job, you should just build a proper relationship with your employer.

  27. Right or left? I like asymmetry, but I feel like I’ve got enough on the left side of my head.

  28. I got everything on one side (left) so when my parents complain again about me "mutilating" my whole body, I can correct them by saying it's only HALF my body😎

  29. I have mine for 1,5 years now. Honestly the healing is pretty easy imo. I do feel like it takes a long time, and I'm still not comfortable with the idea of taking out the piercing for too long. It took me like a year for it to really feel like it's healed. But other then that it does heal without much problems. As long as you just clean it enough, I don't think you'll experience any difficulties.

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