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am i too old for Valorant?

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  1. There is literally a Welsh word for what you’re feeling.

  2. That is so cool! I googled it and so there is no actual translation? Very interesting!

  3. Where was your grandma from? A good place to start and work your way around the landmarks / coast / hills!

  4. Have you considered going Intel?

  5. I actually was planning on going Intel cuz all my laptops had it and u was very pleased with em. Also its often cheaper. But somehow it just turned out like this.

  6. Note that in the above build instead of a 6600 I went with a 6700 XT which is several notches better.

  7. It's like impossible for me to find a 6700 XT under 600€. Most of em are +700€. I'm my country atleast.

  8. Yeah I have a more masculine name as well. So for when I just can't be bothered, I just don't use my mic. Honestly I feel like it isn't as bad as other games I've played. But im still kinda new to the game, so who knows whats gonna happen lmao. By friend who is a girl hardly gets harassed. So I guess its also about getting lucky that you don't have shit teammates.

  9. Only things that come to mind are Floof, Floop, Fluf and all those things cuz what a damn cute little fuzzzyyyyy

  10. When I feel overwhelmed by a big task that has lots of a smaller parts like this, I find it really helpful to make a list or an outline of those parts, so it feels like a few smaller discrete tasks rather than this big huge thing. Then I just pick anything in the list and start there. It’s a lot easier for me to get started if I have know I have a natural break point where I can stop at if I’m struggling to sustain the activity or finding myself getting distracted.

  11. Yeah that is good advice. Sadly I can't get someone to clean my house cuz I'm a very poor studenten lmao

  12. Someone I know was also told years ago that their symptoms were more like depression then adhd. Last month they finally got their adhd diagnosis. Don't give up, you are not making this up and what you feel is totally valid. Even if it's not adhd, they should AT LEAST look into your symptoms. Even IF your doctor is right, you still clearly struggle with something that should be treated. But I honestly believe you and i think your doctor is wrong. This story sound all too familiar, I've heard about multiple ppl with ADHD going through the exact same thing as you have.

  13. I’m from a witchy family line as well! Maternal line, reiki and other energy work mainly. My family tree has basically never left Finland so the historical aspect was thankfully easy to research.

  14. Yea it's hard to say anything for sure, and maybe I'll even find out that I'm wrong about my ancestors or something. But then me and my mom will just be the start of the witchy family line🤪. My mom does have a lot of information on our family tree, and even found personal documents from family members born in the 1800s. So there might be something there. And it's an interesting thing to note that eventhough the past few generations lived in very Christian towns n stuff, there hasn't been a Christian on that side of the family for ages, i dont think. Some witches do really dislike Christianity, so maybe something has been documented about that. Who knows :p

  15. If you want to get into your ancestry, study the ancient religions. When you read the stories, try to put your mind in their space. If you do this right you can understand a huge amount of how and why they were the way they were.

  16. Ideas for moon water, I recommend keeping your moon water in the fridge for some of these and using it up in a timely manner, you'll see.

  17. Yess all of these are great, cleaning is one of my faves. I'd like to add that you could use the water to make like a mist spray thingy. Put it in a misting/spray bottle add some essential oils, herbs, flowers, crystals whatever you want. You can spray it around ur house to clean the air, make ur house smell nice, use it as a perfume/body mist, spray it on clothes , ur bed etc etc.

  18. It worked out great actually, my mom had a lot of questions cuz she's noisy but I did not want to explain all my sexual preferences to her cuz that's weird (for me) Other then that, very funny 10/10 🤣

  19. Do it just like that! And then you get to find out if they made bets on how you would bring it up

  20. I know its a part of getting older but I truly think the glory days of games are over for me. I love new Vegas and fallout 4 because you don't have to be online constantly. Bullshit mircotranaactions and everything else that ruins games nowadays.

  21. Dude im in my early twenties and I know me and my friends think the same. It's not about getting older. It just sucks.

  22. Nuka World was great. I never want to do it again, but it was great.

  23. I know only want to play in in games where I just focus on being part of the raiders cuz otherwise its just kinda an inconvenience

  24. As in, fewest bugs? I know 76 and Skyrim were.... a handful, but that bad? Damn...

  25. Fallout 4 mentions that it is impossible to find out if someone is a synth without killing them, so I'd assume if he was a synth; they would not have been able to notice while operating

  26. As long as you don't flirt with anyone when other romanced partners are nearby; you can romance em all

  27. The gender of your your character doesn't influence who you can romance. None of the romancable characters seem to care what your gender is.

  28. I mean the overseer is kind of nuts (but I guess she was probably a bit nuts before)

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