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TIFU by buying my wife a bra

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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TIFU by teaching my 13yo brother Python

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  1. Remove the kiss, because who the fuck kisses somebody's dead head.

  2. Top 1 - Death Note's first half

  3. Thank you. I get so aggravated when people say NOT to SV wagyu. Like, bitch… this is an expensive piece of beef and I don’t want to fuck it up.

  4. Wagyu is about two things:

  5. If Piccolo can have a clothes beam, it is not out of the realm of possibilities that Freeza can create a golden layer ontop of his skin.

  6. There is no such thing as deserve in love. Lilly wanted to be her own person before melting into a big blob called family. She could have done it better, like say, postpone the wedding not simply breakup (I don't remember exactly why they cancelled it).

  7. We might as well just sticky this gif to the front page since it's posted daily in some form or another.

  8. I do not follow this sub so I don't know what this is in reference to, but a game that updates 100gb every few months I try to play, is one created by a trash company that lacks proper developmental planning.

  9. Yeah that's right eyes to yourself, I don't swing that way I am a real man

  10. Amazing character, actress and perfect fit for Barney. Ruined, like many other things in the show, for the sake of one emotionally unavailable, uninteresting character called Robin.

  11. Damn, this bot has grown too powerful

  12. With all respect, and I mean this in the nicest way possible: I have no idea how you can tolerate such a shallow person. Assuming of course, she was serious and not just bickering.

  13. Terrified of the Dementors he would face in prison.

  14. damn somebody tell him to stop drawing then

  15. If you open the microwave before it's done clear the timer so the next person doesn't have to try figure out why it's not starting.

  16. not sure about the 60's microwave you are using, but even decade old microwaves just add onto the remaining time and start normally

  17. Seems like you just helped your brother figure out what to do in life. Congratulations big bro

  18. Help me big bro, I am stuck coding python all night

  19. Lelouch's Code in the movie is a bit strange, we know that Lelouch doesn't age thanks to the picture drama where we see him looking the same even ten years later, but whether the Code makes him completely immortal or not is never fully clarified, as his Failed One ability (which he shares with Shamna) is not explained, but it seems that it doesn't make him completely immortal, just unable to age, but to make everything more complicated, the manga that adapts the movie shows that Lelouch does seem to have complete immortality by healing his wounds extremely fast after he gets hurt falling from a high place.

  20. Yep :D A new anime series was announced and it's called “Code Geass: Z of the Recapture”. It's expected to release between fall 2022 and winter 2023.

  21. The writers sacrificed realism to make a point, and that is making Ted realize he is left alone, and that, even though he stands in the very building he dreamt of building, he still felt hollow inside.

  22. Ted falling for Robin at first sight, she shots him down.

  23. I stood and stared at this thing for like 90 seconds before I talked myself out of buying it :(

  24. Buying a heavily marbled tomahawak is money down the drain. You get the bone for presentation, but that will not matter when it is just so much extra money for no return value.

  25. He didn't want to stop the fighting. He wanted the eldian empire to collapse and for its former rulers to be left at the mercy of their former subjects. This is because he's a dumb motherfucker who got off on the idea of martyrism more than he actually cared about fixing the world.

  26. Regardless what Fritz wanted, just doesn't seem right that 145 kings did not bother controlling their subjects, and that there are SO many purebloods still who are not Eldians, considering that Eldia controlled the entire world.

  27. Aang - Controls all four elements so will help with defense and offense, as well as unlimited water.

  28. Alyson's mouth when she dirty talks - holy shit.

  29. sometimes the pranks seem a little mean. but sometimes the ends justify the mean.

  30. not going to lie but it's one of my favorite lines in the show. his delivery just takes it to the next level as well

  31. That's the type of class you have when your empire controls almost the entire world and you drink tea with your pinky up

  32. I think you should make better life choices

  33. Just gave the manga a quick glance. Seems it is far behind the anime.

  34. It’s like making any kind of adaptation. Why watch the show when you can just read the books? Some people prefer it, even if that’s not me. I also think it’s good for exposure. I found the re:zero manga first and now it’s probably my favourite anime.

  35. Yeah I get that, but it just feels like wasted resources. Source material is often a stepping stone to creating an animation. Doing it the other way round seems odd, considering that everyone who wanted to get in the show, they would have already through the LN or anime. Those who might want to just read the manga, or learn of the series through it, seem like a small number of people to me, not worth expending further resources on.

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