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  1. It is slowly making it’s way through the approval process. There have been recent updates to the renderings. But we likely won’t see any ground breaking until interest rates lower and the economy is no longer afraid of the possibility of a recession.

  2. Gravely in Louisville is a really cool place and has an amazing view of the city skyline on its outdoor area

  3. I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was also super corny.

  4. Agreed. Still awesome to hear all that music in a movie!

  5. Last time I went to momma's the wings were dry and bland, haven't been back... I'd say these are 'Louisville good' lol. Like when people think we have good ramen places.

  6. Well maybe you just had a bad experience. But we also aren’t gonna be comparable to some other big cities in the south that are famous for it. I’d say we have good BBQ compared to a lot of other places in the country as well, but again, it’s all subjective. (You should definitely try FABD if you haven’t been before! I haven’t had a bad experience there)

  7. Their pulled pork sandwich is all time. They have great salmon they smoke (or used to) and their Mac n cheese and green beans are both phenomenal. I’m a huge fried pickles fan so I enjoy those as well. Hope you enjoy!


  9. Well, for all we know he may have gone back to pick it up at a time when Molly didn't just happen to be there. But regardless of whether he went back for it or not, some topical ointment wouldn't have made a lick of a difference with a shotgun pellet buried deep into his hand, and in the end it really doesn't matter if he got it, because that wound was going to require surgery with or without ointment.

  10. Ahhh, didn’t realize that the pellet was still lodged in there and that the hospital never removed it. This makes much more sense, thanks!

  11. Tonight, fans DO NOT in fact love Lisa

  12. Unique positive trait: is a quotations book on two legs

  13. I mean can you blame her?? The sides alone were over $30!

  14. Personally, either Secret Garden or My Father’s House. Maybe Drive All Night as well?

  15. The amount of youtuber or influencer I saw is disconcerting…

  16. What ever happened to guys like Gary Cooper, the strong, silent type?

  17. I was waiting to see how long it would be until I got this comment

  18. Quality of life has gone up in most parts of the world but I don’t think that some folks exaggerating poverty applies to an entire generation of people. Gen Z is still young too so it’s easy for them to have less perspective of the adult world.

  19. Shower, read a book, put my phone away.

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