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  1. Hands, dildos, vibrators, violet wand, clamps, paddles/floggers, ice, hot wax, rope,

  2. Are we supposed to put condoms on all these?

  3. In several cultures women are not allowed to use computers or telephones. But they are allowed to use TVs. SmartTVs are a loophole in these oppressive cultures that allows them get on the Internet.

  4. Yeah, I've used it for a decent chunk of time to learn French, not for any particular reason, just started doing it when the pandemic started just to have something to do. I feel like I've just about hit the ceiling of my learning capabilities with just Duolingo and I can read French fairly well at this point, not like a whole book or anything, but enough. Still suck at speaking it and when listening to native French speakers I pick up maybe a quarter of what they are saying, at best.

  5. I had attended French classes for most of my childhood. My results are quite similar to yours

  6. North Korea participates in the Olympics and Afghanistan likely will as well.

  7. And Iran, who kills its own olympians.

  8. Is this still a hypothetical..? If not, a really fun way to distribute it would be to divide it between all the comments on this reply right here ;)

  9. I'm just here to get my three cents

  10. Maybe wishful thinking, but I hope they waited this long to send tanks just because they don’t have as many of them, and they waited for Ukraine to destroy the majority of russian tanks and artillery with whatever means they had domestically (or with provided tools which are cheaper anyway), and now, when there’s parity, it’s simply more safe to provide tanks, and they can NOW make a difference, while months ago they wouldn’t made a big difference.

  11. What if the are more than two options?

  12. A lot of places wont take a photocopy. I was at the casino a couple weeks ago and someone tried to get in with a phone photo of their id.

  13. I actually have my id in my phone. It's a government issued app.

  14. Belarusian society is generally opposed to Lukashenko's regime. We want to keep it this way, and not become a common enemy

  15. When does the snow melt usually occurs in Ukraine? I bet that terrain will be muddy and wet due to snow melt which could change things.

  16. It's muddy and wet right now. Entire Ukraine was barely below freezing point today

  17. The legroom is so short these days that if a person reclines the seat even a bit, my legs do not fit there and I would be in constant pain of having my legs being twisted by the seat in front of me. It is so ridiculous these days that they should just remove the possibility to recline if they do not build the tolerances for it.

  18. In the thread full of suggestions of broken necks and vacuuming challenges, this one stands out. Care to elaborate? Is it from accidentally kicking other people's heads?

  19. Germany would be a long distance from tbe front to be maintaining tanks out of. Ukraine should just use the enormous Poland Abrams infrastructure. I'm sure it exists somewhere.

  20. Why you're so sure about that? We've just, quite unexpectedly, ordered Abrams last year

  21. *Flak, from flugabwehrkanone. It’s German

  22. From Poles I know living there the beetle problem is real and action is needed. They are proud of their country, I'm sure we can trust them to do what's right for their own forests.

  23. Let's just say Poles opinion on this roughly aligns with their support of the ruling party

  24. Edit: Fuck me. I just checked, and sure enough Google lists movies in the 1h45 format. Welp, ignore me.

  25. To help you out here: trains (and maybe flights too?) are always delayed in minutes. Even if it's 1200 minute delay

  26. But if someone asks you how old you are, you say 33, not "in my 30s".

  27. Let's be honest here; if it wasn't for America, Russian troops would be in Lviv by now. Why can't Europe step up for a change? I'm European, and I'm bloody ashamed at our continent's lack of resolve. Europe needs a combined armed forces that matches the size, scope and sophistication of the United States. Maybe less navy and more ground, but with the collective size of our economy it's an unmitigated disgrace that we can't hold up our own pants.

  28. How many tanks has US provided to UA again?

  29. I know of 45 that the US delivered to Ukraine but beyond that I dunno of more.

  30. That's fair. Forgot about that

  31. Mostly the writers, deciding that's not the kind of story they want to tell.

  32. Unlike the writers of Star Trek: The Next Penetration

  33. It just means they are fired from their job first, and then conscripted.

  34. I guess the word missing from that post is 'mostly' i.e. where most of your money goes: whether it's savings or overly inflated lifestyle.

  35. For example: I am sure you could have bought a car prior to having kids, but you waited until you could really afford it and saved money on interest and probably capitalized on the cushion of cash to use for emergencies. I assume we probably think about money similarly. I grew up poor as hell and have always had an issue with spending money when i have it because there is an underlying fear of making up for lost time financially, so I get the struggle most people suffer. I am only 21 and now pay more in taxes each year than our household income was when I was growing up, so for me it is important to set goals to be able to afford kids when that time comes for me. More importantly, that time will not come until I can afford them, much alike the house and everything else that I own. I think that is the key point I am getting at.

  36. That's the mindset yes. Delayed gratification.

  37. Not to mention the Link16 connection between them all.

  38. And to whatever AWACS aircraft fly alongside Ukrainian border

  39. Scholz: "We are sending 1 (one) Leo2 tank converted to a fire fighting machine so UA can keep those flames down a bit"

  40. A tank converted to a fire fighting machine looks more like this:

  41. This trend could be applied to the current US media honestly. You’ll hear a subtle whisper of something really important on the news that quickly gets buried under stories that don’t matter anywhere near as much as what’s being “covered up”

  42. A lot of people are concerned that US media have no means to cover topics that are of interest to all viewership groups, and I just want you to know that additional funding has been secured to better align the programming with focus groups.

  43. The dudes 70. Why not. Nothing in the rules says you gotta live as long as possible.

  44. My 90 year old granddad has put a considerable strain on our family when he relapsed past year. Lives alone in a country house and we're pretty sure he'd burn it down sooner or later.

  45. Piss flavour is still a flavour

  46. Did any missiles get shot down this time ? Usually Ukraine say it shot down 80 of the 95 missiles ? Does air defense not work against these missiles ???

  47. Kh-22 (and their derivative Kh-32) behave similarly to ballistic missiles. They go high first (20km for Kh-22, reportedly over 45km for Kh-32) and then dive on target at Mach 4.5+

  48. That's also what often happens to wartime leaders.

  49. We really don't need either. They provoked a massive border incident in 2021 together with their armed troops allegedly intruding into our territory. Responding to that with force would be entering the game on their terms. Not something anyone should be keen to do.

  50. If I was in charge of those ships I'd just play this song over the radio at the Russian ship constantly (I'm assuming they aren't close enough for playing it out loud would carry over to the Russian ships):

  51. Wouldn't that cross Russia's red line?

  52. "Love is like oxygen. You get too much, you get too much. Not enough and you're gonna die."

  53. Too much oxygen can result in damage to central nervous system (a. k. a. brain) provoking seizures which in turn can result in death. It can also damage eyes and lungs especially in infants.

  54. Man I was just quoting a 70s song I aint reading allat ☠️

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