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  1. Nije lose.. imaju dobru ponudu.. znam par ljudi koji preko vpn sad koriste..

  2. Neko se u Srbiji cima sa VPN-ovima da bi platili Dizni servis?

  3. ТЛДР - јебени дођоши усраше мој Нови Сад

  4. Ja stvarno ne znam sta si ti citao, isto ko da trazis problem. Ovo nije problem samo u velikim gradovima Srbije, vec i malim, sve se lako moze viditi sto OP opisuje.

  5. Hot take: I think this movie had the perfect amount of Godzilla in it. Every scene he showed up was absolutely masterful chaos. His intro to the movie is amazing.

  6. Its not the problem of Godzilla's screen time, what every Godzilla movie shares since the 2014 is lack of anything interesting when monsters are not on screen. Ok maybe there are a few cool scenes like Halo jump, but outside Bryan Cranston, there isn't a single character anybody gives a rats ass about.

  7. You are legally allowed to shoot them dead. (USA)

  8. There was a guy drug addict/thief living in a building next to mine. Everyone knew who he was and what he was doing. Stealing whatever he could, whenever he could. You call the police nothing happens, they write him up or take him to police station for few hours and his back.

  9. Zovi me fasistickim diktatorom, ali ja bi ih ili ukinuo, ili drakonske mjere na njih.

  10. I think the issue comes down to the Developers, mainly DICE vs. Respawn.

  11. The bar was incredibly low for Fallen Order. If Fallen Order didn't have the SW coat, it would have been seen as another mediocre Soulslike.

  12. Big Team Battle is still a pain to play, hasn't this been fixed?

  13. Can confirm the overconfidence in numbers. Had a small pack of dogs at one point which included 3 Yorkshire terriers. The tiny dogs are the instigators of all shenanigans and will take on anything. They would have 100% gone after this leopard.

  14. Too many people here believe a dinosaur the size of at least an elephant, can just "hide" for decades in the jungles...

  15. Nothing is worth living like this, I'd rather live in any remote area, as long as I am not caged animal.

  16. Komentari pojedinaca u ovoj temi su samo pokazatelj kako danas pojam "cancel culture" vise nema gotovo nikakvo znacenje nego je umbrella term za sve sto im se ne svidja.

  17. Samo sto to nije istina nerijetko se desi ako ne i cesto, da se kompanije useru 10 Twitter profila koji kmece, i povuku proizvod koji bi se prodavao, cest dokaz za to je kad se te kompanije ne useru ili kontroverza nije dovoljno "vruca", X proizvod se proda, i niko nista.

  18. "Cancel culture" je ionako buzzword za desnicarske pahuljice i placipicke

  19. Placipicke i pahuljice mi znamo odakle su to poceli, onda im pocne smetat jer ima kontra reakcija.

  20. To be fair, it didn't require skill, just spawn in with an ammo crate, stand on top of a car, and you were invincible and had unlimited ammo, that's what my squad did and we just kept shooting them, without moving until the timer expired.

  21. A capable, but a very flawed man whose greatest quality was the iron will to destroy the nazis no matter what.

  22. I swear we have to get some psychological studies on this.

  23. The Bigfoot "media" landscape is on thin ice as it is, it is not good for you to be associated with such an obvious hoaxer.

  24. I know exactly what you’re saying about the inoffensive gameplay. I used to be really into deep and immersive story, but as i’ve gotten older i’ve really found i enjoy the mindless ‘dungeon crawling’ games more. I think a lot of that is from how mentally exhausting my job can be. So when i’m done for the day, i just want to unwind and do something repetitive and mindless for a while.

  25. And I can tell you that MP FPS games for me are pure stress. They are not for relaxation at all. Multiplayer games are mentally VERY exhausting as they require constant high levels of concentration.

  26. That really depends on how you approach it and which games you play.

  27. I think the people who call themselves alphas are funny. Because, in programming terms, an alpha is a horrible, glitch-filled mess that barely works and was never intended to be seen by the general public. But yeah, you go ahead and tell everybody you are one at every opportunity. We're laughing with you.

  28. How is programming relevant to social dynamics? What are you on about?

  29. True, but OP is not completely right about the "debunked" part. The guy didn't so much as debunk it as try to fix his mistake, the alpha structure does exist... where he first observed it, in completely unrelated wolves put together in captivity, creating a situation common to many animals confined to a relatively limited amount of space where the strongest fight for power to lead over the rest of the pack members.

  30. To me its like saying well Kim Jong Un is not an actual hereditary monarch...

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