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  1. Definitely Gatekeeper. One of my favorites at the park. Raptor is a great ride too, just rough depending on where you sit.

  2. Submission Statement: Shouldn't have trashed America. Things aren't as bad here as she thought.

  3. Yeah but in america she has the right to trash it thats what makes us a great nation to live. Thinking that those who tyink its flawed deserve punishment makes us no better than facists

  4. I don't think she needs punished for trashing it. That goes against the First Amendment. I just think, in general, she shouldn't have trashed it, because it's nowhere near as bad as other countries.

  5. Seems like Maverick is down pretty often. Was there in July and was headed to Maverick for The last Ride of the day and it was closed. Had a huge line within an hour of closing and they weren't even letting people on. I'm still trying to imagine that many people wanting to ride Gemini that badly.

  6. Submission Statement: Hmmmmmm.... Very interesting. Very interesting.

  7. Submission Statement: Really shameful. Defying constituents.

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