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  1. Plenty of Australians don’t like Clarke. He was a great player but still seems like a twat

  2. Yeah he was a great player but acts like an absolute cunt

  3. The Scorchers have pissed their way to another final and Mitch Marsh hasn’t played a single game. Madness.

  4. Guys what are your thoughts about MoAli in the ODI side with consistently bad performances? Do you think Livingstone or Jacks could compete for his spot? Moeen avgs like 20 with bat and 50 with ball in his last 60+ ODIs.

  5. People have been saying this for years(including myself). He is never getting dropped.

  6. David Willey has been world class since the last WC and yet he probably won't make the first XI come WC time.

  7. Interesting take man In which case who should be the lead spinner and backup spinner in the lineup

  8. Fair enough Would be interesting to see how linde and fortuin perform in the future

  9. They were just fine and doing their jobs before Keshav abruptly jumped both of them in late 2021 inexplicably.

  10. So happy for him. We need him as a opener in BGT with Rohit. He is in golden form we need cash on it.

  11. If I was Eben Botha I would be livid seeing the amount of times Roy; Cox etc stink up the joint.

  12. Delano Potgieter a specialist number 9 even though he has better numbers than those above him...

  13. This has got to be insulting. They really don't have any other top-order batters? It isn't as if they're batting is playing splendidly

  14. Who the hell knows what is going on there. PC are the only proper functioning team in this comp TBH.

  15. Rossington, Stubbs, Markram, Jansen, Magala, De Kock, Klaasen, Maharaj, Subrayen etc.

  16. Okay champ. Ignoring the liabilities in either side is one way of going about things.

  17. Sunrisers are about to go 2nd on log, to say they have a poor side is factually incorrect.

  18. Edwards and Sangha have been babied into the NSW side and never really shone. I think they had one partnership together that was 100+ but apart from that they’ve disappointed.

  19. I don't think Sangha or Edwards would still be pros if they were playing in the 90s

  20. Sixers get smith while we are without marsh and green

  21. Ian Bishop. Shane Watson. Dinesh Karthik. AB de Villiers. Kerry O'Keefe. Nasser Hussain. Michael Atherton.

  22. No it doesn't? Because again your cricket board not being able to guarantee your captain access to the Premier T20 competition in your country is a failure. There's no run of form Rohit Sharma could go through that wouldn't get him into the IPL.

  23. You compared Rohit Sharma who was the biggest batting prodigy in India; won a T20 WC at 20 years old and had a great IPL record until the last 5 years to a guy whose appointment to the T20 TEAM was questionable? Fucking hell that CSA money must be good.

  24. But he is T20 captain? Are you the type to pretend load shedding doesn't exist either so we can start a 24-hour business without a generator? Pretending the bad man doesn't exist doesn't actually solve any issues.

  25. Kuldeep has not gotten this much drift and dip in years. Also bowling a lot quicker.

  26. Genuine question: Is Holder actually good at cricket? He just looks awful whenever I watch him. I mean I'm sure he's had good performances but I've never seen one.

  27. Was the number one test all rounder in the world for a long period of time and scored 200 vs England batting at 8 amongst other things...

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