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  1. A day late and a dollar short for what? There’s already an investigation underway by law enforcement which, with enough evidence, will proceed to trial by the judicial system. Far more thorough, legitimate (and with actual legal repercussions) than anything the University can provide.

  2. If this was some random person I get it, but its the victims father. If you’re in a situation where you believe your daughter has been sexually assaulted by what are essentially representatives of an institution, then I hardly believe most people would have the capacity to behave rationally in that circumstance. I’m not saying he’s right, I’m just saying I get where he’s coming from.

  3. This is the single best way to ensure mang0 never retires, and I am personally excited for mang0-hbox grand finals at Evo 2043

  4. When I was younger I thought this clip was about never giving up. Now that I’m older and wiser, I realize its about how life’s not fair.

  5. Means the default conferences will be way less fun so you'll have to customize them yourself. Let's be honest though, who in their right mind played with default conferences past the first season?

  6. Yeah we are unbelievably fucked by all this. With the planned upgrades to our facilities it seemed like we were on the cusp of something big, possibly even a deal going on that would land us in the Big12 if we got everything up to snuff. Now, there’s way more attractive “free agents” for the Big12 to poach, and I still don’t believe if the PAC sticks around they would want us as members. The only thing I kinda want out of this is the very slim possibility we land somewhere with OSU, WSU, and maybe Utah and get some dope matchups that make some actual geographical sense.

  7. You’re not AAU right? That would be a non starter for PAC

  8. Exactly. The only hope is the PAC sells out on their academic principles to try to stay afloat.

  9. This is levels of copium I didn’t even think possible. It’s over. Let’s move on.

  10. High tiers complain that low tiers aren’t fun to play against because they’re gimmicky. Low tiers complain that high tiers always quit out on them. This guy doesn’t quit out initially, gets gimmicked, then gets put on blast on reddit lmao you hate to see it

  11. People are always looking for CRTs, especially in SoCal. If you can hang on to them until they find a loving home then you are doing a huge service to collectors and melee players.

  12. This means that since December, 3 of the presumptive “first four out” of the big 12 expansion (assuming those are Boise, SMU, Memphis and USF) have announced plans for facilities upgrades including building a stadium/increasing stadium capacity.

  13. This kind of makes me think that there was potentially a discussion with the Big 12 and all these schools about agreements pertaining to what must be done in order to join the conference once OU and Texas leave, or simply once one school started the others didn’t want to get left behind.

  14. Enough about red teams, who is the best blue team? Auburn, Michigan, Notre Dame? or possibly… Boise State? 👀

  15. Look at Kansas just straight vibing over there in their corner, not a care in the world. Inspirational.

  16. Not sure of a way to do it automatically, but you can manually replace the textures on your UnclePunch iso using DAT Texture Wizard by pulling them from your Animelee iso. A little time consuming, but not difficult.

  17. Haven’t seen any of SluG’s play yet, excited to see how an ICs got 2nd at such a stacked TMT without wobbling once VODs come out

  18. I wasn’t keeping up with updates and added all the patreon skins to my main ISO by hand last night at 2am only to find out you put out the full pack today… Damn…

  19. That is why I stick with Simpsons yellow. That is until they come out with Thanos purple.....

  20. According to some academics, using yellow emojis is a sign of lack of awareness of white privilege.

  21. It’s not “according to NPR”. It says that some academics argue ___. It’s presenting multiple views on the topic, which is their intention.

  22. I wasn’t trying to say that NPR as an entity was saying this I was just trying to say this is what they are reporting academics said. But you’re right, changed for clarity

  23. We have the best local announcers in the league and I will die on that hill. Always professional, mostly neutral, and never have those little bitter remarks when something doesn’t go our way like a lot of other local commentators

  24. Nah not yet. Not until OU and Texas leave.

  25. Its funny because 3 of the 4 teams being added to B12 would have feasted on the P12 this year.

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