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  1. Only problem is, Thomas Sr has already been financially drained by her.

  2. Not if Lifetime, TLC, or Women’s Entertainment Network made a reality series out of it. If Netflix is done with them, she maybe be pitching Hulu, (but they won’t bite), her next realistic opp are these smaller networks that need some kind of attention. This could be the next Honey Boo Boo, 30 day fiancé, I am Jazz, Marriage boot camp wrapped up in one. I would watch Marriage Bootcamp for sure if they managed to sign that…I would love to see Trevor make a guest appearance and have a one on one with Harry.

  3. huh? Please don't start a conspiracy now, the next thing you know the deranged sugars will claim that the photo was photo shopped.

  4. Personally, I don't think any of it is manufactured with the intention of being mysterious. Their situation(s) are a conglomerate of need to feel important and always be right. But being "right" isn't a moral dilemma for them, they just want to look like they're right.

  5. Thank you for keeping up to date with the house cleaning in the sub. Much appreciated!

  6. How could that be if the funds were not closed out till 2022. Look at the dates? I am missing something here.

  7. Good data, but there is a good chance that the LLCs then are going through a trust, completely losing any kind of paper trail or visibility to an offshore account. I am willing to bet this is how it is set up as the house under the trust is an indicator. This video explains it, go to mark 17:04

  8. Excellent point...I'll start digging into foreign trusts as "members" of LLCs. This potentially could shield him but as a US citizen, she could be in deep $hit if she were to pull this. As I'm looking at the breakdown of their deals to date, I think he has earned them more $'s than she has.

  9. Awesome! I think you are on the right track.

  10. We don't want him either...he is causing more harm here by interfering with our 1st and 4th Amendments by influencing government policy.

  11. There are privacy issues involved here. "Public interest" is not sufficient grounds for such a violation that privacy. The Heritage Foundation also claims that lack of disclosure will "affect public confidence", but how much confidence can there be in a government that just hands over private information to a politically motivated organization with malicious motives? Protecting the privacy of citizens and residents really should be a good thing, not a bad thing.

  12. This is problem, the US citizens should have the right to know if he is here legally or illegally. He is doing drugs and interfering with our first amendment by influencing policy that is now turning out to be in process of law. That report Harry worked on is the foundation for a Bill being pushed through the Senate for a new federal agency to police the internet in the US. The Senator, Mike Bennet is from Colorado and is tightly aligned with Aspen Institute. China social credit in the form of assigning behavior codes to people for violations they deem hate speech etc...I sure as hell feel this is public interest as he is a drug abuser that should have zero influence on crafting a plan to censor americans. This is serious.

  13. Totally makes sense what she’s saying here wonder why she can’t seem to call out Harold and Roachel on their hypocrisy and also she keeps pushing for the RF to step in and protect the Narkles as if they aren’t full grown adults capable of making their own choices and financing their life as they said they wanted to do.

  14. Yes it’s about a teen in the UK who does criminal stuff to post on TikTok. He entered a random house, attacked some Jewish folks, and tore up library books. When he was arrested he claimed it was due to racism. I half thought Shola would support him. I guess there’s a line she doesn’t cross.

  15. It was surprising, I thought she was going to take his side just because he is black. So I was glad to see her actually understand the difference between right and wrong. So she does have a moral compass but the question is why does she see Meghan lying and doing what she did to her father ok?

  16. yes and no...Meghan fucked her credibility from Jumpstreet. He got caught up.

  17. She will be lonely in her old age because she won't have any friends. Not saying this to be mean, it's just how I see her.

  18. To Harry and Rachewell: DO IT! I dare you to speak your truth. Tell your side of the story one more time. Maybe this time will be different if you could just sit down in an interview and EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Don’t leave out a single detail. Do it.

  19. Mark my words, they will hire some crime scene recreationist to break down Sparey's phone footage like the Zapruder film. It will be on par with Bouzy's work for them. And the public will hear it / see it at some point (when someone pays them for it).

  20. they are currently casting and holding auditions.

  21. The monarchy would end if God forbid, this happened. There is no way in hell that woman will ever get near the crown again.

  22. And as much as I love her content, it was nails on the chalkboard. She seriously needs to stop that as well as the way she says raaaaacist. Super irritating, not cute.

  23. Raaaaaccccist. Never claimed I was a professional singer. I am motivated to do an encore performance just for you.

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