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  1. Nice pulls! I've opened 176 Evolving Skies and have only pulled one alt art.

  2. Man, this is a tough one. Living Things is my least favorite LP album, and the fanbase voted out all my least favorite songs, so we're stuck with my favorites to pick from. I ended up voting In My remains.

  3. In my IB English class, a two year class, the teacher would have us type out a 5-10 minute creative writing once or twice every week. I keep my own personal weekly music charts, and have since 2015. She got to hear about my personal music charts and see my music taste morph from pop and alt pop, to alt-rock and my emo phase, to indie pop and rock. She was a scene girl in the 2000s, so she would always laugh that I listened to a lot of the same music she did. I dropped by my high school last Spring, and unsurprisingly after we talked, we both realized we loved MGK's Tickets To My Downfall.

  4. YES. My dorm room currently serves as that, but I plan on having a room for that where I film YouTube videos.

  5. That Primal Kyogre is beautiful. One of my favorite XY era cards.

  6. I have the old Burger King toys from this. The Goku one might be the most recognizable DBZ figure around, the one with the light up hair. I feel like I see it in everybody's DBZ figures from the 2000s.

  7. Check and see if your local record store can order it. That's how I got my copy.

  8. I was at a boarding school and there was a friend of mine there who was emo and would always wear a Black Parade shirt. 1-2 years later when I was at home (Spring 2018), to make fun of emo people, I played the song Welcome To The Black Parade for the first time. And I loved it. And that's when my emo phase started! It ended in Fall of 2019. I now own the same shirt my friend had, along with several other bands he liked. The Black Parade is my favorite album ever. Sadly I lost contact with that friend several years ago.

  9. I actually work at an arcade in the summers, and have for five summers now. We like seeing stuff like this, it makes our already interesting jobs even more interesting. Seriously, working in an arcade is actually really weird and cool, and that's why I'm still working there in the summer.

  10. Tried to PM but it says you don't accept and chat will literally not load for me. I think we need to send well worded emails to McDonald's and the other restaurants going for these paper toys. I'd really love to help and a few points I'd like to make are: They could have a recycle plastic toy program. Kids and collectors alike get a little happiness from an actual toy. It may be the only toys some kids have. They last forever and paper is just that, and often feels like homework. Most are thrown away at my locations, never opened. Toys are always opened (except when they did that Hasbro games thing, no one wanted those ugly things) and treasured and traded forever. They are a tradition that many share with their own children after having them as a kid.

  11. Hey, I didn't accept because you had no previous posts at the time and I didn't know what you wanted to chat about. The spam filter auto-blocked this comment for whatever reason, it can be a bit finicky sometimes. I'm up to chat about this.

  12. I'm so sorry... this is somehow worse than my Mom talking about monkeys, hemorrhagic fevers, and the Prime Minister of Haiti in her conspiracy theories.

  13. Such a great song and band. It's a shame that in the mainstream, they're only known for Shut Up And Dance.

  14. I'm very torn on MGK since Wild Boy came out when I was in high school and got so overplayed that he was looking like a one-hit wonder. It then seems like he's clout chasing by switching to pop punk but because he is excelling at it, it's making me wonder if the rapping was the clout chasing venture to begin with.

  15. I don't think he's clout chasing with pop-punk, if anything, he was the trend setter with I Think I'm Okay.

  16. My grandfather passed away last Thursday. The funeral was on Saturday, and we went back to my grandma's house to comfort her and share good memories. My QMom began spouting conspiracy theories in the middle of us grieving. Talking about how the Omicron variant was created by Covid being recaptured by the Chinese and being modified by CRISPR and the virus has a second tag showing that. She also was talking about another pandemic that is going through China along with the upcoming smallpox outbreak. My aunt couldn't get her to stop until I said sternly, "Nobody wants to hear anything about that right now." Being on the autism spectrum, I'm supposed to be the one that doesn't understand social norms- but my Mom is spouting conspiracy theories about how we're all doomed when we're all trying to comfort each other due to the loss of a family member- my mom's own father.

  17. IME, some people on the autism spectrum pick up on "crazy talk" as "off" pretty quickly because they are used to policing their own speech so as to appear "normal." Being on the spectrum may have given you enough psychic distance to come up with the completely appropriate response that you voiced to your mom.

  18. I'm a pretty emotional person, but I typically handle grief internally. I wasn't visibly upset in the moment, but internally I felt like a deflated balloon. I'm guessing that's why I was able to handle it the way I did. I pick up on when something's not right pretty quickly too, I have a knack for being able to see how certain situations will likely end up.

  19. Depends on where I shop. If it's Walmart, there's nothing. If it's Target, maybe there's something. If it's an LGS, it depends. I live in Charleston, South Carolina. The LGS places don't have many boxes, but they almost always have packs. Whether the prices are reasonable or not depends on the store.

  20. The kid(don’t remember his name)goes into a blizzard and Luxray dies sheltering him from the cold. There’s a scene where the rescue workers have to drag him away from Luxray’s frozen body while he’s crying out to him.

  21. I typically will bring it up after we've spend time together a few times. Their preconceived notions are broken and I don't seem as awkward anymore.

  22. Yet again one of these times I wish Pokemon was real. Just walking through the wilderness with my Bulbasaur.

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