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  1. It will be shown as three omnibus episodes, rather than the original six individual episodes.

  2. I say it, but only on the 1st of March for some reason. Has to be the very first thing you say upon waking.

  3. I'm one of the dropper outers!! I did manage 500 words a day for about a week (finishing a story in the process)

  4. Don't let apathy win! Get back into it, I know you can do it

  5. Seemingly people don't want to hear it, but this is a better signing that Caicedo. We shouldn't be playing a club record fee for a backup player. Jorginho is also much more experienced.

  6. Watched Yes Prime Minister for the first time around Xmas, and was pleasantly surprised by how current it still is!

  7. Definitely. I remember quite a few years back where the country was debating national ID cards and there was an episode that mentioned that from 30 years ago

  8. There was something mentioned in an episode which I noticed turned up in the news a couple of days later (can't remember now what it was sadly...)

  9. Gangster Number 1, anybody? An early role for Paul Bettany.

  10. A film Roger Ebert said had one of the most brutal and successfully filmed acts of violence he'd ever seen.

  11. I am ill. Watched war movies and ate cookies all day yesterday. Thinking the same today.

  12. Had my eye on a Zara trench coat which sold out within 15 minutes of the Christmas sales beginning. It was £110 reduced to £80.

  13. Very nice! Can you share a link? I'm in the market for a new trench coat.

  14. They’re snitching on the lad to his manager about the asparagus not being fresh picked today 😂

  15. Clubbing is boring, overpriced and overrated. I'd rather stay home, or go to a decent pub (one that doesn't have sport on at full volume).

  16. Papers are unreadable again today. Might just stop looking at the news it’s all dismal.

  17. The other night I had the TV on and needed to watch something while waiting for Match of the Day to start. I chose Schindler's List over the news, as it was less depressing.

  18. Surely the point of this post is that it's stupid targeting one group of people as potential paedos?

  19. Driver got his orders mixed up I'm guessing. Someone ordered a Subway and got your Greggs.

  20. Also drivers, sometimes it's quicker and easier for both of us if you just drive past. I appreciate the gesture, but sometimes just get a move on.

  21. It's the 'piece on shark fishing' that gets me. Because this is a manly programme for men, and what could be more manly than shark fishing??

  22. I've heard taking up smoking is a good way to ease yourself out of a vaping habit

  23. NB: For some obscure reason this playlist doesn't have Episode 1 on it, which can be found

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