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  1. PL IMs. Just a bit weak in the defensive section, except Campbell not many real good defenders but all of Silva and Barry and Petit can play in cb. Best keeper, an allround midfield and Diego Forlan. Damn!

  2. Both. In matchdays possession ( Bindewald ) , in standard or other events Counter ( Dragisic ). But I feel more comfortable in possession.

  3. Tracking back is wasted on players that tend to stay back in their half. Almost every dmf will join the defence once the ball is lost. And for an anchor man, who does not even join the attack and stays back in his territory it really should not have much of an effect. Imo tracking back skill works better on offensive players if you want their support after the ball is lost.

  4. Swap Dinho and Mbappe. Change Dinho to ss. Use wing backs on wide mid positions. Use maldini on lmf. Bring puyol as the central cb. Swap Guardiola with Barella.

  5. He is a wingback. He can defend. Using offensive players such as Salah or Martinelli will leave your defense vulnerable.

  6. I find Dragisic very balanced. Especially as he has a wide attack, my wide mfs run rampant. I basically have no problem with outscoring my opponent which is surprising for a bad player like me. If you are having trouble in attack build it up from wings. Almost one out of two crosses will lead to a goal.

  7. How is that leo Messi? And why? The assist from Alcacer was godly. Goal was a simple tap in. Yet you chose to praise the scorer.

  8. You could've written a superb assist or anything and I'm not questioning if he's the goat or not. Every player with a good finishing could have scored that chance. That was the point.

  9. Very true. 500 is not enough especially for those who want to build different squads.

  10. Almost every team I face has these two in it. It's a bummer stopping that Haaland 🤦

  11. If you have a midfield of IM Rijkaard - IM Gilberto Silva - IM Vieira, NO.

  12. If you have good defenders and defensive midfielders, it would hurt you too much. At least against ai. Might affect you more in online matches

  13. If I have Puyol and Cannavaro as destroyers and legend Campbell, is it wort to go for this one too? Aren't 3 destroyers gonna leave too many spaces?

  14. Do you use a 3atb? If yes then you probably won't need another destroyer. A 3atb best combo goes as build up - destroyer - build up. However Campbell will be better than both the destroyers you have as he has height, is physical and can stop aerial threats easily. So if you want to use the other two with him, I would not suggest going for him. But if you want an endgame cb, Campbell's the man.

  15. Yeah, considering the amount of shit that goes on in the preset matchday.

  16. I may have been a little rude. Actually I'm sick of this formation and pingpongers. Play what suits you. Also get a good anchorman dmf like Rodri or Gilberto

  17. I was expecting jaycified to pop up and trash this formation. I am fed up of it as well. I stopped using my top squad because it's the only thing I face besides the 5212. It's getting really old.

  18. At this point, I believe Konami can do anything, hell I won't be surprised if they stop global warming tomorrow.

  19. No stop. He has terrible parameters. Use Bindewald or Dragisic or someone like that.

  20. The gp will carry over but most probably there won't be legend box draws in efootball. If the legends are just for collection then save it. Else if you are in desperate need of them, go for it.

  21. I personally use two - Guti and Gerrard. Both are adept in distribution. From what I've seen an fitb like MVB or a target man like Kluivert will also work pretty well.

  22. Have his 97 rated one. The first card I redeemed and boy I never had to regret that. A midfield Maestro. Happy birthday legend.

  23. Never ever press with a CB man. If the opponent sees through this he's gonna kill you with a single double touch. Always press with mfs. Also instead of pressing just intercept. Cut the passing lines. And do more of a build up. Use pass n move. The main fault in this Bayern team tho, no anchor man. Makes the defensive work hard.

  24. Yea thank you man. Who would be a good anchorman for Bayern that you prefer?:)

  25. There is not one sadly. Until last season there were Javi Martinez and Marc Roca but now none.

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