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  1. You're laughing. This woman is turning into a tree and You're laughing.

  2. This is what happens when lil Wayne wishes a nigga wood

  3. I think Lana Rhoads has done that a few times

  4. Bet his tyrion lannister cosplay is 🔥

  5. Cut off one papal, two more shall take its state

  6. Isn't the whole app just filled with tips?

  7. So when do the changes magically stop?

  8. Haha I swear I’m not satan, she just lost a cat a couple months ago and her mom is adopting two so there’s enough kittens to go around right now. We’re planning on moving in together in the fall and I’m thinking it may be a nice housewarming gift lol

  9. How do you lose a cat - Like, was it in the wrong coat pocket or something?

  10. Bad cost of living, low wages, horrible divorce rates, insane workaholic culture

  11. Guys, OP is just going for the guiness world record of being cheated on, give them a break.

  12. Unfortunately, it’s a bit tough to get ASM over 32ish hours because our hours are weighted by x1.75. So instead of 32, that’s actually taking up 56 hours of like a 200(max) budget. :/

  13. That's not correct. There's a budget for asm. In my store it's 40. Any hours over that budget are weighted at 1.4x. OP should still be able to work within budget and have it not count as extra.

  14. F4 F4, scan item, if over $10 input info.

  15. Company thinks you're stealing, so you can't use the button.

  16. Work In walmart if you can, it translates better if you're looking for another job in retail.

  17. In other words it's better thrn walmart but only worth it in the short run?

  18. Walmart is better. Its option number one both short and long term. If you can get on walmart, do it. Work your ass off for 1 year, then look to transfer somewhere else. It takes too long to work up the walmart ladder but it's better than DG pay and benefit wise.

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