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  1. I need to ask for forgiveness after making the absolute ugliest chuckle I’ve ever heard in my life reading this

  2. This comment made me happier than it probably should have. I know it’s a weird thing, but I grew up with a chef for a dad and around restaurants all my life and seeing things like potatoes and corn together on a plate makes me ask the same thing.

  3. I’m from the south and it’s incredibly annoying that “vegetable” options at restaurants here are corn or mac n cheese. Corn is a starch but at least veggie adjacent, idk how they think it’s ok putting mac n cheese in the veggie section.

  4. I feel so ashamed when I use this app. I literally wait by the door so I can snatch the food inside really quick after they drop it off so my neighbors don’t see.

  5. Same! One day they put my bag outside by the entrance door and not my apartment door and I had to run out in my robe and snatch it and I was so embarrassed

  6. Holy shit I thought I dashed a lot since my pregnancy makes it hard to get to the store somedays but ffs HOW does someone order food this often??? Do they have surge pricing like uber or something where they live? I mean DD can be expensive but they gotta have been dashing every single meal of the day since January

  7. Pregnancy will drain you especially if you aren’t getting the right nutrients. I have HG (have medicine for it) and zero appetite and while baby and I are doing ok here at 33 weeks my skin is as dull/gray/pale as when I struggled with a full blown eating disorder. Baby is probably sucking her dry getting every nutrient it can and it will 100% make you tired all the time.

  8. Oh god I'm so sorry. I had hg and was on a zofran pump, but I basically lost weight the entire time it was truly life threatening and I'd never wish that on anyone. You're almost done, hang in there because I know nothing anybody says makes anything better. You're so strong! Btw mine came back during my pms for the first year or so. I just wanted to warn you just in case because nobody warned me

  9. I am so glad I never had to deal with the pump or a port, I was scared it would get to that point but was incredibly relieved it’s been controlled with regular zofran and infusions. Liquid calories are definitely something that saved us, some days I met my goal probably on apple juice alone. Thank you for telling me!! I’m hoping to get the vaginal ring and skip my periods/pms for a number of reasons, sounds like I should skip them for that too

  10. I used a doppler pretty frequently between 14 and 20ish weeks. I’m 33 weeks with an IVF baby so I’ve especially been on high alert and have experienced severe anxiety at times scared something was wrong. No the doppler isn’t a replacement for going to a doctor or anything, but I used it every day and baby boy is healthy and I still expressed any concern to my OB.

  11. I really thought about using a Doppler for peace of mind but my one concern was that my placenta would block me from finding the heart beat and it would cause me more worry. Do you know your placenta placement by chance?

  12. I didn’t even think about that I’m sorry! Mine is posterior (in the back?) so I haven’t had difficulty finding him

  13. Same as other commenters I had a window, mine was 6-9pm. I did mine right in the middle at 7:30 on the dot but anytime in a 2-3 hour window is good.

  14. I am 29 and eight months pregnant going through a divorce (also was in a bad situation) so I know how you feel. The grief and depression is just so much some days, especially with a little one depending on you. It can be really isolating (almost none of my peers have children either) but the feeling unwanted is so hard.

  15. Pregnant hormones are no joke either!!!! I’m sorry you’re going through that while pregnant ❤️

  16. They really aren’t! My divorce is supposed to be finalized around the time the baby is due (if he cooperates 🙄) and I hope yours goes ok. I have a really nice lawyer who has explained stuff pretty well but it’s still hard figuring out all the steps. Add kids and there’s another layer of forms and things that need to be taken care of. Hopefully your partner doesn’t drag it out or make life any more difficult for you ♥️Although (at least in my state) the courts can eventually force him to agree with the divorce and y’all will be free.

  17. I would not recommend Briarwood. Lions Gate might be nice though

  18. I’m currently at Briarwood, curious to know your experiences. I’m salty because I was shown pics of the renovated two bedroom (with washer and dryer in unit) and ended up getting assigned one of the old two bedrooms (warped sticky cabinets, no in unit laundry ugh).

  19. Four losses should qualify as repeated pregnancy loss. That, especially combined with trying for a year, means you qualify to see a reproductive endocrinologist. They can do a lot more in depth testing to find out what the problem is. I’d recommend making an appointment with one, the peace of mind is so worth it.

  20. Seconding this, I would absolutely see an RE and push for additional testing ♥️

  21. I had this too at week 5 and 6, both brown and very light pink. Now 32 weeks and baby is ok! I was told to just be on pelvic rest (laid down and no penetrative sex or toys or anything) and that it was baby burrowing into lining. If you get red blood that’s when I would definitely get things checked out.

  22. Thank you! Me and my boyfriend did read about implantation bleeding but when I saw some brown discharge for the first time, I couldn’t help myself from sobbing so this is reassuring. Congratulations! Sending lots of good vibes :)

  23. Yes thank you and congrats to you as well! The early days/weeks are scary I know ♥️

  24. In my experience...NOPE! Do NOT stop at 12mg. I was doing GREAT until I took my last and final 12.5mg dose. Three days later 5hit hit the fan. Not only insomnia (2 hours of sleep a night for months) but MASSIVE stomach issues. I spent over 12K trying to figure the stomach issues out only to find out it was Seroquel related WDs.

  25. Thank you so much for letting me know your experience and your suggestions! With baby due and my phd program starting up again in the fall I will need SOME sleep and the thought of insomnia is terrifying. Definitely want to go about this as carefully and cautiously as I can, thank you

  26. Being on such a low dose may be in your favor, but the 7 years on it is what has me concerned for you. Best of luck!

  27. Thank you! And yes I was put on it for a mild sleep issue that would have most likely been resolved with better nutrition/sleep hygiene and no one ever explained any side effects or that so many people like myself would become physically dependent on it.

  28. I loved Zaboomafoo as a kid and was happy to see that the Kratt brothers got a new show, they’re some of my favorite outdoor/science people! Will be looking into this 😊

  29. I had no idea they were the ones on zaboomafoo!! You just made my day, that show was amazing!!!!

  30. Yes! The lemur from the show (I forget his name) and his lemur family live on a sanctuary somewhere and he just had grand-lemurs! Saw it on tiktok haha

  31. I grew up basically in the woods but have an apartment myself now and am wondering the same thing. I live by a couple of parks, where people take their kids and turn them loose (and they can sit at covered picnic table and do work or just sit and relax). Do you live by any? It’s not the same but even letting him run around for an hour might help both of you. Maybe google rainy day activities/exercises. I know he’s only five but when my brother was around seven I think we got a wii fit and that would keep him entertained for hours

  32. Yes, I think it is common because in my “what to expect” book it talked about a sense of disbelief (not in a bad way or anything) in the early stages. Tbh I didn’t start properly showing until mmmmm 26-28 weeks maybe and I still struggled with this despite baby kicking me constantly lol. Congrats!

  33. Definitely focus on fluids/electrolytes ♥️whether that be regular Gatorade or the zero kind, it helps a ton to make sure you get in lots of water, some gatorade, and a lil handful of salty nuts (has magnesium and stuff) or a banana. Hope you can feel a bit better soon, intense purging cycles are rough

  34. Yea she’s got no backbone or self esteem if a man was able to convince her to put his penis in her newly murdered vagina. I got zero stitches and still couldn’t imagine agreeing to that. Anybody who has given birth at the minimum is swollen and that pelvic floor is feeling shaky AF. There are multicolored GUTS coming out, and the closer to birth the grosser it is!

  35. Sometimes I read things and think “you know what? I’m glad I’m divorcing my hubs and he won’t be anywhere near me for/after the birth” because the shit I see in my pregnancy/mommy groups is horrifying. Like I hate to say it because leaving isn’t easy but some of them SHOULD leave their other halves. I cannot imagine sex right after giving birth I would divorce him on the spot anyways just for asking

  36. Ugh. I can't stand that hat. "King of Hearts" is trying way too hard to give Daddy vibes. We get it, Wipes. You're the big, giant, masc Dom daddy never a bottom ew no never, top only nike-wearing, dog walking, ass wiping daddy.

  37. I’m sorry this is so funny to me lol like you are spot on and I definitely share your disdain and disgust but the way you wrote this has me chuckling

  38. Oh thank you! I will def watch 😊31 weeks now and things are going ok so far

  39. Same boat as you but the exact opposite. Wife was to serve me, on her terms I suppose. Couldn’t stand that limbo, along with the unknowns of what she was trying to accomplish w the kids, so I filed and served her instead. Now, what she wanted so urgently for 6 or so months is at her door step, and she doesn’t wanna do a damn thing about it. Makes no sense.

  40. Same for me. For someone who screamed they wanted a divorce so drastically and triumphantly, my husband hasn’t lifted a finger. Zero sense of urgency. I’m paying for it, served him with papers from my lawyers. Made it very clear he needs to sign the final paperwork.

  41. I totally understand this. I’m 31 weeks with an IVF baby and any time (and I mean ANY time) I felt the slightest twinge or thought my boobs felt less sensitive in the first trimester I would panic. 10 weeks is almost there!

  42. Oh man, so much love to you, that is so incredibly tough.

  43. Thank you, wasnt trying to overwhelm your situation with mine or anything, but I get the anxiety. I remember one day around maybe 9 weeks my nipples looked completely normal instead of how they had been and I panicked thinking that my HCG levels were dropping. Something that helped me was buying a fetal doppler off Amazon at around 14 weeks. They don’t replace medical devices per se but it helped me when I was anxious to “check in” and listen to the heartbeat. Sometimes it took me a second to find it but with some maneuvering I would. Might be a bit too early for you to use it now but it might help for later.

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