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  1. Seems like a fake question for AAM attention. If you are comfortable enough to eat by yourself, you are probably comfortable with not caring what people think is weird.

  2. It’s a bit insincere too. Alison has long favored letters that are more “is it wrong to be upset about this” rather than a clear question about how to approach a problem. It’s one of the first things I noticed about her when I started reading circa 2013ish.

  3. Went into the office for face to face meetings last week, came home with Covid. 26 months of being careful and it sucks that this is how I got it. Wish it was at least something fun.

  4. So for LW#2 today (should they mention in their cover letter that their dad was a VP a couple of decades ago) -- why not mention it, and put it in terms of "hey, full disclosure, about 30 years ago my dad sold the company a patent and was named a VP as part of the deal"?

  5. Yeah I usually see a question like this at the application phase. Disclosing SHOULD happen, but won’t have the effect that LW wants. I took LW’s concern more as trying to work a nepo angle even though dad said he doesn’t have any contacts or influence to help. Poor LW will have to get through the application process like the rest of us schmoes.

  6. Oh look, a post about strangely dramatic responses. Does anybody see the irony that a crowd ready and willing to grab a blowtorch at whatever annoyance is finding meltdowns of others both irritating and hilarious?

  7. Alison herself is guilty of dramatic overreactions so this question doesn’t rank highly on the self awareness scale.

  8. He’s been talking out of his ass for 15+ years now. I first discovered him in 2006 when he was doing a 5-10 min video every couple of days to promote whatever wine they had on sale at his father’s wine shop. The production value was terrible, he was awkward in front of the camera, but the videos were informative and actually had substance. Over a 6 month period, he transformed into someone very obnoxious - screaming at the camera, making up catch phrases and forcing them into his dialogue, and generally eating up any and all attention he was getting. The short videos turned into 45 minutes of this bloat and all the interesting perspectives he had to share about wine disappeared. The videos became long ads for wristbands, him pandering to fans that asked for a shoutout, weird conversations with his camera guy, and over the top reactions to tasting a wine that almost seemed like a parody. I met him at an event around 2008 or so and he is even worse in real life than you see online. He worked hard and got the fame/money he was after, but he I’m not sure how anyone can watch him and think that his success or advice will translate to them in any meaningful way.

  9. The AMA with someone who may or may not have worked with Cheap Ass Rolls stands out to me based on how quickly it descended into the bullying and toxicity they all claim to hate.

  10. Sorry your current job is being poopy. Glad you are pursuing plan B.

  11. I can’t stand her and don’t understand her fans. Not only what she said to Chrishell but I hated her comments about Mary’s ring

  12. I’m a Davina fan and can give some perspective. I hated her for those comments and agree. Telling it like it is isn’t noble, it’s just a get out of jail free card to be an asshole. But the reason I and many others have become fans is that she seems to have taken to heart how she was portrayed and is working on herself. It takes a strong person to realize that they are the source of unpleasantness. How many times do we hear reality stars blame editing and double down on being unlikeable? Personal accountability is so underrated.

  13. Like “Karen”, being called a boomer is now the lazy catch all insult used when you say something someone disagrees with.

  14. Because he ended a marriage over text message. It’s also been heavily rumored that he became involved with his current wife while still married, and most recently, Chrishell indicated that he was very dismissive when she was offered SS. But mostly, it is the text that makes him pretty unredeemable. He’s ending a marriage, not canceling an appointment with a plumber.

  15. I think I'd probably emigrate and seek alternative nationality just for that tbh. I don't think you comprehend how much of a total embarrassment that combination of fully unwarranted national pride and insultingly bad taste is to everyone else in the world. I wouldn't want to call myself part of a country that demanded that that ^ is taken seriously.

  16. Yes, choosing your country of citizenship based on the artwork inside a passport sounds like reasonable and sound decision making.

  17. Yes! It seems like she’s claiming her by the way she has her hand on that poor girl’s arm. I feel bad for the kids.

  18. I’m a big believer in letting a woman choose a style that makes her confident. I know which of her two styles I would choose for myself, but I love that she has chosen what makes her happy.

  19. In most cases, that is not a job. It’s made up of uncompensated volunteers, at least in the communities that I’ve lived in that had HOA’s. I had an ambivalent feeling about them myself, until I volunteered in mine as treasurer. I only did it for a couple of years because it takes a LOT of time and I got paid nothing. I can’t speak for every HOA, but the ones I have experienced consist decent people sacrificing their free time just to make the community better, and that’s the only reward they get, because they don’t get paid or thanked for their efforts.

  20. Yes I wish people understood this a bit more. I served on my HOA for 4 years, 3 of them as president. I originally joined up to cause problems for them and to prevent overbearing/draconian enforcement of meaningless shit like a fence being the wrong color. But I quickly found out that it takes a lot of effort to run a community with little assistance from the majority of the owners. Of 320 homes in my HOA, 300 never participated at all - which I took to mean we were doing a good job or else others would want to get involved. The challenge with the position were the other 20 homes. 10 of them were fully committed to whining, complaining, reporting neighbors for perceived infractions, and just being general pains in the ass. The other 10 were fully committed to being assholes - intentionally breaking rules and making life difficult for those around them. Nightmare bad neighbors. And then I had one house that was both the complainer AND an asshole. That one broke me. After 4 years, someone in one of the other 300 homes can deal with that house.

  21. This exactly like the community I live in. We are 151 townhomes (6 to a building) on 7 acres. Lots of shared space and close neighbors. Most of our rules are due to common courtesy of our close quarters and fire laws. We don’t have the crazy “your mailbox is too low” type rules. And we have never charged a fine for a trash can being out too long.

  22. OMG I feel this comment so hard. I’m convinced some people are just insane and love the conflict. I had a resident rent a backhoe and decided to practice maneuvering it in an HOA owned green space area. He caused over $5000 in damages to landscaping and a children’s playground. The HOA eventually had to take him to court to recover, which he then turned around as an abuse of power and whined to anyone who would listen, posted insane complaints on Nextdoor and the Facebook group. He kept saying it wasn’t fair that he can’t use the green space for what he wanted, and any landscaping repairs should be absorbed by the HOA. This same person also used to call to complain about his neighbor’s trashcans or length of the grass.

  23. “How very” is my Gen X homing signal. It’s the perfect term to identify one of our own.

  24. I used to love watching flip or flop but it got really cringey as they started going through their divorce😬and then when I saw him on SS I was so confused why he decided to start dressing like a 16 y/o gangster 🤔

  25. He reminds me of Fred Durst circa 2008. We all laughed at that look then too. It hasn’t gotten better with age.

  26. She’s an enigma. On one hand, she is insecure AF. The pathological lying to make herself seem exceptional shows she really wants acceptance. On the other hand, she seems to be a good friend and very supportive (at least based on the social media image she has curated).

  27. Thats not the point though The point is that this being posed as a perfect glamorous life and setting a terrible standard for young women to look a certain way all the time

  28. I’d rather teach young women to do whatever they want to make themselves happy and feel beautiful than to compare themselves to other’s standards.

  29. On vacation this week but have an interview lined up for when I get home. In my 25 year career, I only left one job in under a year (because they were a failing startup and couldn’t pay me). I am tapping out of this one after 8 months. I’m disappointed, mostly because a lot of my compensation was negotiated as RSUs, which won’t vest for a couple of years. But I just can’t do it anymore. 50% of my duties are grandstanding and making self aggrandizing statements in meetings - this is literally tracked. The other 50% is writing presentations for my boss which he never uses. I seriously don’t care if he decides not to use my work, but if the content isn’t represented in some way, it just falls back on my lap and I’m expected to beat my chest and tell the world how awesome I am when I answer the questions that were already given in the decks.

  30. The proper response would have been none. These people don’t need their ridiculous questions dignified and seen by a larger audience.

  31. Back in episode 1 of season 5 (I think), Mary talked about Jason dumping her out of the blue but that is OK because he just doesn’t let like to cheat on people. How fucking noble. Why are we celebrating a man child who wants to fuck everything that walks and instead of having a mature conversation with someone he is in a relationship with, he blindsides her?

  32. I used AOL as a teenager and am 31. Even still, Emma seems much older to me. 37 at least.

  33. I’m 46 and she looks older than I do.

  34. Yea , and even if she did get a trials cut , ummm making Olympic trials is still nowhere near the same as making the Olympics . The fact that she said she was “ranked second nationally “ . Lmao. No. I went onto USA swimming database ( they have every time on there - even times from 20 years ago - back when I was swimming in the early 00s) and literally she doesn’t exist . So unless she was swimming under another name besides Emma hernan …. I am not doubting that she swam, I’m just doubting that she was good It’s so irritating to me that she’s sticking to this lie even when called out on the reunion

  35. I can confirm I found nothing for Emma or Emily either. As a former swimmer myself, I would love it to be true, but you don’t get to claim membership to an elite club just because you had an AIM screen name with “swim” in it back in the early 2000s.

  36. I agree. I’ve always gotten serious fuckboi vibes from both of them but I’d imagine that trying to get one of them to commit is like dating a guy with mommy issues. A girl is always going to be competing with the other twin for a share of heart and mind.

  37. 6 figure, yes. But half a million? I call BS on that. $250k is probably right for a lead/principle software engineer

  38. If it’s total compensation, he’s probably including RSUs. He’s moved around enough that his RSUs probably didn’t fully vest, so he never realized these numbers. His base salary is probably mid 200s as you mentioned.

  39. But Heathers response to Tareks comments weren’t much better

  40. But completely expected. Her identity is being his wife so it makes sense she piles onto this.

  41. Is this another Keymaster? This putting it in perspective because commute by stagecoach anecdote is.... something.

  42. I almost posted her earlier. Everyone should search her in the comments because she had a fairly epic capstone rant that was an AAM bingo - Not everyone can work from home! Autism! People in Ukraine have it worse!

  43. Dear Alison, my employer won’t change the remote work policy for me even though I’m a rock star and incredibly awesome. What do?

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