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  1. Welcome to jewelry business. I am old GG If you want a real job as a gemologist you are going to have to bite the bullet and go to CA and spend the six months. Spend a lot of money. Sorry. Ask about scholorships. You can spemd years doing online work and maybe get to be a GG. Very few people do. Contact GIA and have a frank talk with a recruter about attrition. If you don't care about the GG Certificate you can google gemology courses at junior collages. Join a rock club. I am also a FGA ftom Great Briton. Good correspondance course not nearly as expensive as GIA. More geared to miners and cutters. Not well knowm in US and GIA remains Gold Standard.

  2. I did Diamond and Colered Stone Essentials through GIA and both get your foot in the door on basic information on them. I did finish the Diamond Grading Course through GIA this past spring and the last 10 courses are the ones with the good information that actually helps you grade a diamond. There's information in all of the courses that intertwine with each other so you'll reuse most the info. The Essential courses are $250 while Diamond Grading was $1,600. I believe the Gemstone Grading course is $1,800.

  3. Thanks, the pricing wasn’t up front on the website so I wanted an idea before I got too far in the planning!

  4. That’s cool. Ignorant question, can you tell me about the new engine?

  5. Some asshole is gonna look at the rank ensignia and be like "(insert year here) dumbass"

  6. That makes a lot of sense. It definitely echoes the ‘at least s/he is in my political party mindset I hear so much of.’

  7. In that case, I'ma have to rethink dating a cowboy.

  8. He can hold on longer, just doesn’t get him extra points

  9. It’s a shame it’s heated! I’d love an unheated/treated Tanzanian sapphire! Beautiful stone though!

  10. Got plenty of other unheated Tanzanian material 😊 Let me know if I can help!

  11. Do you have a catalog? What’s the pricing like?

  12. I love the asscher cut. It beautiful and underutilized.

  13. That’s lovely. The coloration is beautiful! What’s that cut called?

  14. As far as I understand, this is a circular Startbrite cut. Which appears to be a trademarked term.

  15. Dang. The trademark cuts are really cool but they can get pricey

  16. I cant completely disagree here. I'd love to see it in the real

  17. "These extremist are very dangerous to our way of life..." Said the rich a-holes in charge.

  18. I’m waiting for us to get one where, in the future, the dinosaurs have killed off all of the humans, but they find some human DNA in a mosquito encased in amber so they decide to clone us a make a park.

  19. This comes after that. Clone people took back over and they remembered not to make dinosaurs again. They’ll forget in number 16

  20. Examines fingernails yeah, I have a mannequin at my place

  21. The Bears are back in town. we're in the midst of a stock market crash and a crypto winter. Accumulate while you can.

  22. Great, now I have .38 special songs stuck in my head!

  23. Lance it. Get everything out of it until you see blood. Antibacterial ointment and bandaid. Finger condoms and rubber gloves. Change the bandaid and ointment again right after work.

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