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  1. I am a severly insecure man who picks male character

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  3. Team Fortress 2 993 hours. Rarely games hit triple digit, so the games that hit that, are Smash Bros Ultimate and Bayonetta 1.

  4. either bait or some poor ass doesn't know how to play a hack and slay title.

  5. dude couldn't comprehend the man made horrors beyond comprehensions

  6. No sane person plays fallout or elder scrolls for good combat, they play them for the exploration, looting and adventuring, things which bethesda had been unbeatable in until the last decade or so. Fallout 76 is their only objectively dogshit game (or at least it was at launch, idk if they fixed it). Also, i don't know why people point out using mods as if it's a bad thing, of course people are going to mod the shit out of those games when they've already played 100+ hours of vanilla and gotten bored. I will however admit that it's shitty that you need bugfix mods for certain bugs bethesda never bothered to fix.

  7. My friend actually like Fallout 76 now since they covered many bugs and other issues and seems to be in a stable state rn. Well except Fallout 1st, but my friend got couple of enjoyment out of the game. Last time I saw him playing it, seems pretty good.

  8. DMC1 has the most interesting ost tbh and that what I like it. the resident evil dna shines through it time to time. I really need to play resi.

  9. Steamdeck is when you take Switch portability problem and make it worse xd

  10. "portability problem" that sounds like a you problem honestly

  11. sonic cant do "sword-trick-gun" so its false advertisement

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