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  1. I feel like this belongs in the next segment like

  2. This happened last night in Finsbury Park as well. Police were called and in fairness they were there in time chasing the kids down the street; however it happened again not 10 minutes later running around the station so I doubt much was done.

  3. This also happened on the tube the other day. The train doors were shutting just as someone set fireworks off in the next carriage. They went off in the carriage and also the platform. It’s a wonder no one was hurt. It really shook everyone up, as obviously explosions and smoke on the tube is terrifying.

  4. No way!!! On the tube is even more terrifying! So horrific. who the hell are these people?

  5. Very much this reaction too! I actually had the same thought when 9/11 happened. I got home from school and remember being annoyed that I couldn’t watch CBBC.

  6. Exact same! The Tweenies were on. I was livid it got cut short (obviously not understanding the gravity of what was happening…!)

  7. Omg! Ei sitä koskaan aattele, että täältä suomalaisiakin löytäisi, mutta kyllä näköjää löytyykin.

  8. Clarification: I don't remember what it's called, but I really like this blocky, no-face, clean design aesthetic.

  9. Sovittu is more used when you are agreeing to something someone has proposed, or confirming something suits you. So you could say “let’s meet at my place at 3pm” “okei, sopii/sovittu.” For example, the word ‘agreement’ (like something you sign) is sopimus.

  10. absolutely- I’m already a product of it as someone half Finnish half english.

  11. I have found therapists/counsellors through BACP therapist search and These seem to be the two main sites that people use.

  12. Not exactly meaningless, just wrong. Really you need a controlled longitudinal study so you can observe how brains are changing over time. That's a looooot of money though

  13. "We tested 41 male and 3 female adult elite rugby players, of whom 21 attended study visits after a head injury, alongside 32 non-sporting controls, 15 non-collision-sport athletic controls and 16 longitudinally assessed controls."

  14. This is the whole reason I'm getting my groceries delivered today rather than walking to the shop. It sounds ridiculous but it's true. I totally understand how you are feeling. The vast majority of footy fans are absolute yobos and are a nightmare when they are in packs roaming about pissed up. Worse still if we lose they'll be smashing everything up.

  15. Same, I literally planned my whole weekend around getting everything done Saturday so I could stay inside all Sunday. I would rather completely turn my schedule on it’s head than put myself in these people’s way. How sad is that?

  16. Yoga is really helpful! If nothing else, it's a good way to stretch out after the work day, and can help you sleep better. Start easy, but if it starts to get you feeling active, you can do some other at home workouts - if you just do it to relax you could switch it up with some scented oils or incense to up your relaxation game :)

  17. Yes, you just need to re-spool 120 film (in the dark) onto a smaller 620 spool. Which is not trivial, but is possible.

  18. What's the main risk with respooling? That it's not wound on tightly enough or that you can overexpose the film so that it's unusable if you're not careful? Or is it just... fiddly?

  19. Absolutely not! You need to have 620 spool and respool the film onto it from a regular 120 material. Look here:

  20. Thanks! Have you tried to do this before yourself? How finicky is it?

  21. Proper recycling infrastructure (and public buy-in to use the system appropriately)

  22. A Nokia 2300, with the pink purple and blue buttons. I thought I was the coolest kid in town with that phone!

  23. For something super chill, games like Spiritfarer and Wandersong are fun.

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