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  1. No, my 12 case also went to shit like this, as well as my fiancés. 11 and lower they were great

  2. I’ve ever bought four cases from Apple:

  3. Lunch buffet at Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar

  4. Oh I have a bunch from here. It just popped up in my Featured Photos of the day on Apple Photos, so I decided to share.

  5. Krrish 3 also failed to recreate the magic.

  6. He tried the parsi accent but not much of character exploration was there. Same happened in airlift.

  7. Did you like hike to the place or got up there by a car?? Either way it's nice view

  8. Is there a way to cross the road from metro station? Wanted to drop a friend once, but was opposite side of the metro station aur traffic tha, samajh nahi aaya kaise drop karu.

  9. I was confused - when did the POV change - when did same sex marriage become legal in India - kids in a same sex marriage in Delhi?? - waittttttt

  10. One of them is at Mall of India, Noida. That’s a laser.

  11. All I want is: Aye Ganpath, chal Daaru laa

  12. Hi. Delhi based therapist here. Feel free to dm, we can discuss there.

  13. The country I’m in - English isn’t their strong suite. And I really wish for a therapist with whom I can talk to in Hindi, because that’s the language I feel comfortable in. I don’t mind the money, I just want it make credit card payments.

  14. Ikr! But having visited Prasads, I have to say this auditorium is quite smaller than Prasads Screen 6. Prasads deserves it’s hype but the truth is the inconvenient location made it very underrated

  15. I mean it’s right next to Anand Vihar metro station. Just one foot over bridge. And, Logix is also in front of metro station - I go there for almost all movies.

  16. Mall of India is getting an IMAX, btw. I think that’s a great location. It’s going to be a laser, as far as I know. Vegas has got a good crowd too, and the multiplex benefits from it. Logix? Yeah it’s small. But I think it’s got enough pull given the good food court and convenient location in Noida. Could it be better? For sure. But I think it’s only set to grow.

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