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  1. Have people never threatened to leave their jobs to get a raise before? Idk why so many people can't see what's happening here, lol

  2. I laughed my ass off! Great play sir!

  3. Fun fact: NC has the largest military base in the US and the most military bases in the US.

  4. I like to smoke meats, smoke cigars, and drink whiskey. And I have two kids under 3, so I tend to just cook a bunch of meat and invite friends over a few times per month. It’s way more entertaining and relaxing than going out.

  5. I’m throwing a rack of ribs on after my 1:00 call!

  6. Opponent's water tainted with beef juice?

  7. It’s where Kai sets up his summer-only seaside shop

  8. I work for a bank and they require 2 weeks consecutive a year.

  9. In my experience, people who are snooty about Wild Turkey or Jack Daniel’s only remember getting blasted in high school and college on the lowest end of their spectrum.

  10. Pollack at RF, AV at DH ... its so simple

  11. Yeah I get it, but imagine if we can get a little of Yaz back. He was a game changer last year. Gotta get him ABs!

  12. I play tips everywhere, It's fun to do something like this every once in a while

  13. I wish I could be that good! Congrats man! It sounds like it is just a different challenge. Different clubs and different situations.

  14. 150” screen with a Epson LS12000 laser 4k projector. 7.2.4 system.

  15. 4K projector? Didn’t know that existed honestly

  16. Yeah I just finished my basement and wanted something cutting edge. It’s pretty great! Retro games look good too lol

  17. As someone who used to ride to uptown from 485, the less stops the better. It’ll add more travel time.

  18. We could add more stations and an express service.

  19. Unfortunately not, you’d need a third set of rails for express.

  20. Go see a game in Charlotte! Incredible skyline pics from that park!

  21. Surprised they aren’t wrapping you around that pole

  22. Yea I’d vote to restore, they’re just a little too far gone. You could color match the existing green, just gently scrap off a piece at least the size of a nickel. Or like someone else said could try to color match an older color of green that was used previously.

  23. I was wondering too if this paint could be lead based. I’ve got 3 small kids and the paint will rub off easily.

  24. Be very careful around them with it. You can use a lead tester on it. Lead was banned in 1979, maybe the last layer of paint was painted in the 1980s. But even so and that last layer is lead free, they say the lead in older layers can leech through into the top layer.

  25. Wow that is awesome, thank you so much for the detailed response! I’ve thought about replacing the wood and just keeping the metal sides. Maybe keep the top slot with the number on it. Either way, your response is what I’ll use if I go down the restoration route. Thank you!

  26. Twins get Toronto and Cleveland gets Houston. We could be in first this weekend.

  27. Land a ball in the fairway next to me and your ball is getting hit into woods or water.


  29. We are projected to be the worst team in the league so maybe some of us should adjust our expectations accordingly.

  30. The more you win the higher your bar will be set at for victory. Eventually you’ll need to destroy every cerb and collect artifacts to fill the bar. The more advanced the cerb the more destroying it will fill the bar. Moving up a level moves the bar down, making higher RS easier at first.

  31. Ah, that explains it. When I'm solo in a red star I don't tend to charge into Cerberus battles nearly as much, and instead work around them as much as possible and just ignore all the ones in sectors that I don't need to deal with.

  32. You should see a little line in the bar, that’s what you need to pass to gain the influence. The bar will turn blue too.

  33. For a non-dvd, yes! Stranger things S4 digs!

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