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  1. This is what I was explaining to someone a while back...

  2. School has a system in place to keep you from falling behind, life doesn’t

  3. Funny, watching my 12 year old son, I have come to the conclusion that it is school keeping him from progressing. While he doesn't hear this from me as I do not want to give him any excuses to stop engaging, when I watch him learn at home he learns in a wonderfully organic learn-lovong method that includes physics and astronomy, math including large exponential expression, human anatomy and the history, flags, governments and culture of many countries around the world.

  4. I have, but if there was a single skill that my wife lacks, it would be any form of teaching. She lacks patience AND the ability to frame information in different ways to reach different kids. She seems to feel that if she says it once, that should be enough and any future concern reflects a failure in their part. Truly, home schooling is not an option 😂

  5. So the assumption is that spinning is a negative behavior. How... interesting.

  6. It is not most players, just a bunch of vocal whiners.

  7. Expeditions: Rome is an excellent tactics game. I love Japanese tactics games, but do find the combat much smoother and intuitive in Expedition: Rome

  8. Sweet, get all that iron and go find another swamp!

  9. About 1500 hours in. Wonderful game, the sheer openness of what one does and how one plays is a marvel. Guessing some play it like a linear, "must beat it as fast as I can," and guessing they are disappointed.

  10. Good riddance. You and your idiocy will not be missed.

  11. Learn about how the body really works. We were duped in the 80s, told to feast on carbs, fear fat, then in the 2000s+ told to eat all day.

  12. I love this game so much I am approaching 1500 hours!

  13. Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber and Platoon.

  14. Whiners about wanting to teleport metals are weaklings. People who should look at themselves and wonder why....

  15. I don't get it. I simply move to a point where I can engage them at the right angle. It is so ingrained now that I can do this while dodging, moving, and lining up the mobs how I want them.

  16. To add to the many great comments. You need to give yourself time and space to unlearn your perceptions and habits from previous games.

  17. I absolutely love it. Period. It challenges me. It makes me think, plan, and every step creates anticipation and emotion.

  18. Yeah, our current western culture is extremely risk averse. I doubt this is good for us mentally.

  19. Learn meditation. Learn to shut off your thought stream. Experience existence without thought.

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