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  1. I'm sure there are some programs that are better than others. But, in my experience it doesn't matter unless you just so happen to pick an absolutely terrible program by chance. Dietetics is too small and doesn't go by rank for anything. My point is, you should do what will be most feasible to you. You can also try reaching out to students who attend 'X' university and see if you can do an informational interview. At the end of the day, if you put the work in, get quality job/extracurcciular experience, and understand where you want dietetics to take you, then you'll likely get there.

  2. 2022 Kia Forte GT might be the one for you. You get the performance and also the luxury interior including heated and cooled leather seats.

  3. Man I got shafted. My 2021 Kia Forte GT doesn't come with the heated and cooled seats package.

  4. Did u get the GT2 package, it comes with that

  5. Oh, that's what the difference is. That wasn't an option in terms of availability when I went, but I'm also too broke to afford the GT2 package lol.

  6. Yes. This is unfortunately reposted ~ once every couple months when a lot of people have forgotten about it. It's a really nice piece that the original composer made.

  7. Can anyone here credit the original composer?? I'd love to hear more of their work/give them credit/get the sheet music!

  8. If you by chance find the original composer, please shoot me a PM so I can listen to more of their content as well!!

  9. That is an awesome program! Just need to sign up for the library card and good to go?

  10. Someone can correct me, but I had to go in person for mine in South Durham. It's a really quick and easy process. I think there was only a $1 fee to receive my card. Also note, many libraries throughout the nation participate with those apps, so if you move, you can likely continue using them under another library!

  11. It was for a Durham County card. I believe you're right, any Wake County library could open a card for you. I also needed proof of where I live (I presented my Duke Energy bill in digital format), and only paid the $1 fee to cover the actual cost of physically making the card.

  12. Really neat work! Have you seen the "11 Levels of Origami: Easy to Complex" video on YouTube? It's from the Wired channel. Not knowing anything about origami, you may or may not find it cool. The guy uses origami to help design space equipment!

  13. Ice storms are our typical winter storms here. It rarely snows. Don’t worry it will still cause people to horde bread and milk.

  14. I've lived here all my life. We are definitely not a snow heavy state, but it snows on average once per year. In 2013 and 2014, we got a good amount of snow and ice storms. Same with 2015, 2016, 2017 and early 2018 (6-8+ inches and zero degree raw temperatures on the coast of the state in January 2018). Not disagreeing with how people act, but we definitely had our fair share as a southern state in the 2010's.

  15. Oh it’s zubesha they are talking about for sure. People out there still saying that’s it’s Tama or Robin, are clowns at this point.

  16. I could be wrong, but it seems like those are two separate discussions going on at the same time. The World Government ships discovering Zunesha, and the Gorosei talking amongst themselves.

  17. It’s the best chapter of the year, no doubt.

  18. I don’t know about you, but I cramp up if I haven’t stretched and then I’m fairly sweaty after running a mile.

  19. Hi there, I've commented this in the past, but I recommend getting the quizlet add-on tool. You can then take practice test question sets or flashcards from Quizlet and upload them instantly into an Anki deck. The alternative is to take the information you have on hand and convert them into flashcards.

  20. I did in Italy once. It came in this nice personal sized baking dish. Was only 14 or 15 euros and was really a joy to have!

  21. I'm going to be honest. You might want to do an application for UNC-CH's MPH/RD program. Hear me out a little bit.

  22. Damn. Putting my home county out there. Lol, I bet most don't even know it exists!

  23. If I’m being very honest, just play octaves on the left hand? But if that’s harder what the guys above have said is pretty comfortable too

  24. I thought about that too, but it's allegro tempo, so not very realistic for me to achieve that speed smoothly. Maybe one day I'll be that cool lol!

  25. The Piano Opera is so awesome. After I listened to this for the first time I had to record the whole thing. This and Theme of Love were the first two I recorded and my favorites. A lot of challenging pieces. So happy to find someone who knows its existence. Any question on any piece, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  26. Really appreciate the offer and I'll definitely keep that in mind. Also, I saw you commented in the past about releasing the Kingdom Hearts PC. Extremely excited to see your renditions with those pieces. Good spread and influences from other composers in the Kingdom Hearts collections.

  27. Very few parts of Durham have usable sidewalks.

  28. Maybe I worded it poorly. I'm saying many people who DO have access to sidewalks seem to not use them. It's not just a one off event, or one particular person. It seems to happen frequently near 54 and 55. I'm not saying many people have access.

  29. Many of the sidewalks stop abruptly (see Parkwood's sidewalk end rather than connect to 54, or the lack of sidewalks over the bridge), or don't connect to destinations like the roads do. And then there's the RTP style sidewalks that are far back from the road and add unnecessary curves a distance, making them great for recreation, but not useful for getting from point A to point B.

  30. Great points and thanks for contributing. I see it in neighborhoods pretty frequently too though. Some people in certain neighborhoods speed much more than they should, so it only adds to the danger factor when people choose to walk on the road.

  31. Mainly I’m just burnt out: Understaffed to the point where I was the only SC for 12 trials in either start-up or active, now training 2 new hires while still lead on above studies, glacial movement from Dept/HR in responding to staffing. I started looking into FDA positions as I created/managed an Expanded Access program & stumbled into a plethora of government jobs that looked enticing. I was drawn to social service jobs: assisting educate veterans on applying/follow up w/appropriate benefits…the best part of my job was helping my patients manage their diagnosis & it’s impact on their lives.

  32. I'm assuming not, but do you have the ability to work for a CRO or sponsor instead of an academic institution/site? Also, there are CRO's that work specifically with EAP's if that interests you too.

  33. I definitely have the skills to transition to CRO/sponsor & about 3 months ago I interviewed w/IQVIA & ICON through referrals from my CRAs, unfortunately, I don't have an undergraduate degree. I was told I could start as CTA, finish my degree (18 months) & be able to move up in a PM pathway. But the longer I am working in this role the less I want to do anything in clinical research

  34. Completely understand. I didn't mean to imply if you had the skills or not. More so, if there were other options in terms of geography and physical distance. The only reason I asked is because I know working in clinical research with the sponsor is different than being at the site level. Anyway, all the best of luck to you!

  35. Rednecks are going to be rednecks especially if you don't think the way they do. If you don't agree with rednecks you're just a socialist snowflake libtard

  36. I'm sure I'll be downvoted, but that is quite the sweeping generalization. What's happening to OP sucks, but you can't just stereotype everyone who doesn't live in a metropolitan area.

  37. Also where did I say the redneck repairman lives outside of the metropolitan area? I think you're making a sweeping generalization.

  38. Redneck is a term that originated from people working in the fields. I'm sure you're right, rednecks do live in metropolitan areas, but it really refers to people in rural areas. I'm from a very small, rural town in Eastern NC with a few farm friends. So, I have just a little experience with this.

  39. You're not alone. I'm in a similar position with similar symptoms. I too have a bad cold/allergies/fever. It seems to be going around. I like to think I'm finally feeling better but today will be my 4th day having it. Hope you feel better friend!

  40. 99% of the masks I see out and about, on those that bother wearing one, are cloth masks. Cloth masks are as good as wearing nothing (+/- 17% or so). Both Delta and Omicron are so virulent that only meltblown polypropylene masks (surgical or N95/KN95) are effective. This has been in the news ever since Delta was a thing, but I don't think the message really got across to almost anyone. N95s are about $1 each and there is no shortage.

  41. I'm not sure if you're a medical professional or not, but the N95 and KN95 masks must be fitted properly to work correctly. You have to do an air test to confirm it. This is common knowledge in hospitals right now, but others reading your comment may not know that.

  42. My family had nearly $10,000 worth of coins wrapped saved over many years. Similar to this. We were saving it for a special moment one day, but then a massive hurricane happened, and someone looted the house before it could be properly gutted and prepared for renovations. They took all the coins. I imagine they had to do it in multiple trips/attempts because you don't just simply pick up that many coins no matter how strong you are.

  43. I'm giving this advice as a Registered Dietian. Please do not consult naturopathic doctors. They are not physicians. They are not equivalent. They are not qualified. At best you receive decent advice, at worst, you harm yourself far beyond what you would if you had seen a physician.

  44. Drake is certainly not weak. This just implies that cp0's strength is the real deal.

  45. This is the right mindset. It's not even favoritism towards CP0. They legitimately acknowledged Drake's strength.

  46. Kaido is getting Up to his name as Yonko, but BM feels to me that her Battle is being so..."passed out", like what could have been really Epic, turns out in majority of the battle skipped and we just see random pannels of her being more damaged and showing more of her power(now her fire hair form), but I don't feel that we got from her any of the epic big moments that we got from Kaido, and makes me sad, because she could have been used much better as a Yonko Imo....

  47. I think many people are speculating Big Mom still has an important role to play in the Elbaf arc given her flashback and obsession with missing the giant race in her collection. Whether that happens or not, I agree with the general idea that she's not out of the game when Wano ends.

  48. Most likely about Sabo and Revolutionary army making moves i assume.

  49. I think that's the most likely, but we never know until we see it. None of us expected Shanks to show up to meet the Gorosei.

  50. I could be wrong but I think they call this the eggshell skull law. If you rob someone, with the intention to take their wallet/purse, but they fall as a result and end up cracking their skull open - you're responsible for it regardless of your original intentions to only steal their wallet or purse.

  51. I wouldn’t say he one shot cracker. He used his brains and used crackers abilities against him. He used tank man to reverse crackers momentum completely and sent him flying into his own soldiers which is what knocked him out. Basically he used Crackers Offensive capabilities on his Defensive capabilities. He even destroyed (I think it was 2?) cracker soldiers with his power but in doing so, he got knocked out by it.

  52. You're not wrong, but it was one move that took Cracker out. It's a one shot. It doesn't necessarily take away from Cracker as a character or Cracker's capability given the unique circumstances (Luffy being able to eat that much because of his DF).

  53. In the anime luffy hit him couple of times before.

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