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  1. Theyre the “lam-bros” they have dinner at porters house once a month & park all they’re cars outside & eat on the patio.

  2. I just use my notes app. I have a checklist with the band name and date, then I cross it off when I’ve gone

  3. Thursday- tame impala Friday-tame impala Saturday-tame impala Sunday-tame impala

  4. Please don’t tell me that’s Carowinds, I was there today

  5. I’m just going to apologize to you in advance for all the downvotes you’ll probably get for this comment. FYI I’m a huge fan but I know majority of the people on this sub hate him a lot.

  6. You’re best bet is to use entry for the ticket you got & say you lost your friend or your phone died to one of the people letting people in the pit

  7. He really is the best with that, I saw in back in October & I remember him yelling “THE FLOOR IS LAVA!! JUMP!” It was hilarious

  8. Never appreciated one more hour till I saw it live. Now all I can do is cry every time I hear it.

  9. Not a chance he’s dropping an album by next year. But roo knows how many people want to see him On the farm. And after the low ticket sales this year I have a feeling they’re willing to do what they need to to get people back, and kevin will do just that

  10. When you’re in Sarasota obviously hit the siesta key, kayaking on lido beach in the mangroves in amazing & also check out munchies 420 cafe. Have a safe trip!

  11. Also Lido Key Mote Marine Laboratory and St. Armand’s for an ice cream at Kilwins Two of my favorite stops when I’m home in SRQ

  12. Four times in total & all of them were this year. First time was Okee, back to back Asheville then Wilmington! I want to hit dessert daze SO BAD.

  13. For the record I wasn’t buying them I just noticed while looking at something else close by. And for everyone that is wondering what chicken fries are y’all have obviously never been to Burger King. Lol

  14. What on earth are chicken fries?!

  15. Chicken nuggets that look like fries lol They’ve been a thing at Burger King since I was in middle school lol

  16. Probably won’t be for awhile unfortunately. He just headlined okeechobee fest back in march

  17. SHAKE? IS THAT YOU? (This one’s for all my love is blind fans)

  18. Best moment of my life… held up a sign in Asheville asking him to play it & THAT MAN BLESSED ME

  19. I was very sad he didn’t play that or NTHHCBAWCC at the Denver show last year

  20. Asheville night 2 was probably the best set list of the entire tour. I’m sooo glad I was there. Straight magical

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