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The Post-TI11 Shuffle

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  1. The guy is literally sexualizing three characters that certainly wouldn't want anything sexual to do with each other and I'm the one with a dirty mind lmao.

  2. true hes broken but green ranks on this sub will tell you that he has shit lows and therefore he is balanced.

  3. Design is terrible. Another over sexualized teenager in tekken (we already have plenty of those...)

  4. Great way to build a community 🤷‍♀️

  5. i meant the characters introduced in tekken 7, they suck compared to legacy characters. not talking about new players

  6. Response added. The game was trash, because it was too random. The game had strategy, but was not fun.

  7. Yeah but Kazuya being almost 50 with not a single wrinkle is acceptable, right? You guys always focus on the negative aspects only when it comes to female characters

  8. Not wrong people know how to deal with her stances in pro level which make her way weaker. Without stance you cant open up people, her lows are kinda bad.

  9. Why the fuck AK's B1+4 exists ? that move can evade everything,pushes you far on block and deals fuck ton damage

  10. 1800 hours, bought 2 battlepasses no additional levels, so 16 € but I sold every tradeable cosmetic I got

  11. I was under the impression that these kind of content were always popular because female characters are designed to be “eye candies” in the first place like every other FGC games.

  12. its because this sub consists of degenerate weebs who have never seen a woman in real life

  13. Good for him. I'm 5cm short of having human rights :(

  14. Simply put, it can't be said that JDCR is putting in as much work as the current top dogs.

  15. jdcr is unlucky, hes known for his world class movement but tekken 7 doesnt reward movement as much as ttt2, also drag is dogshit, armor king is bad, heihachi is very strong but hard to play in tournaments

  16. Knee is simply the better player in 2022, has nothing to do with the character at that level. Knee & Arslan are god tier, JDCR is tier 2

  17. use 1 ; 2,1 and df1(2) thats all you need, if they hit do f1+4 or a grab. if they get blocked sidestep

  18. Man's comparing Jin to Steve. Bro Steve is on another level.

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