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  1. Even when Westworld wasn't great (parts of season 2, most of season 3) it was still an entertaining mess at least. I'm glad I stuck with it.

  2. That’s what I felt at times with LOST back in the day. The quality of production alone was worth it.

  3. Nobody is doubting this, there’s was what 70+ million trump votes so there’s naturally going to be a percentage of all races for trump, even if it’s very small for certain races so you’ll have them wearing a hat.

  4. To the absolute clowns downvoting - I’m waiting for your solid, watertight reasoning as to how he is posing a risk to others by not having the vaccine

  5. Like I think logically he isn’t a risk, especially since he can tested each day or whatever, it’s more just the rules are in place and he has to follow them.

  6. I mean it will, but luckily we can’t deny the talent he is and has been as a tennis player. He’ll probably win at Least 2-3 more majors and have the most over Nadal. Heck if he just taken the vaccine he probably would’ve won the Aussie open and be tied/past with Nadal. A lot of the greats have a glaring / what if issue.

  7. I don't understand how DeSantis won the 2018 election by 0.4% (33k votes) but now is polling ahead by 11%

  8. Native Floridian here , I had never heard of him at all until lol like 2020 when he was following that cliche Covid governor actions and he just stroke that cord with conservatives. Also factor in they won’t see these articles on there FB or TVs and just bathe in how great they think he is. Also it does seem like the “ anti Covid or government over reach “ has helped him keep a sizable amount of independents and the republic Hispanic crowd on his side.


  10. the important question here is "are you romancing Garrus or no"

  11. Garrus doesn’t have time for romance he’s got calibrations to work on.

  12. Historically, vaccine mandates are dropped on the first working day of the following year - January 2nd of 2023. My country (ruled by a right wing lunatic) still has the mandate too. Countries that suffered with close to 1 million deaths and had Omnicrom looming until at least March of this year + causing hospital shortages to this day…

  13. Very well put, he made his choice and has to live with the decision.

  14. Rambo 4 honestly is my second favorite of the franchise by a country mile.

  15. its my dad`s second favorite as well. I think they did a good job with the atmosphere of the fourth film.

  16. April 14, 1992 was the emblem for getting everyone back in line and listening to authorities

  17. Yea I had to get the tooth next to OP’s removed ( it had died somehow) three years ago , and dental doesn’t cover replacement at all since it’s cosmetic. My implant failed, removing the new bone and screw was worst pain I’ve ever experienced. So lost that 2500 dollars and insurance did cover about half my 1400 dollar bridge tooth.

  18. All it takes is for two of the following: Michigan to Michigan, PSU to continue not really doing anything with their talent , or MSU to fail to replace Walker's output while continuing to ignore defending the pass.

  19. Naturally there are going to be some that dont mind it or are used to that type of JPRG stuff. I defiantly fall into the "cliché western RPG" guy so while the VA for the other cast felt average lymle and sarah felt awful. Just the tone of sarah`s voice took me out of the game at times and lymle`s dialogue , even for a kid, was bad. Im glad it didnt feel that way too you and I dont mean to speak ill of the game, I enjoyed it for the most part, especially looking back on it compared to SO5.

  20. I do wonder if Integrity and Faithlessness caused some people to reevaluate The Last Hope a little more favorably. It’s interesting how both games are flawed, yet in completely different ways. I’m seeing more love for 4 since I joined Reddit, and I’m pretty happy about that. Aside from the voice acting and some of the character interactions (Lymle accidentally kissing Faize or Edge walking in on Reimi’s shower were just… super uncomfortable), I think it’s pretty solid. The combat in particular is my favorite in the series; it best fulfills the promise of a game titled “Star Ocean” by letting you travel to so many planets; and the callbacks to 1 and 2 were great for longtime fans.

  21. I’d have to say, I came into SO at SO3 which at the time was great during ps2. SO3 was the reason I had to ask for a bigger memory card as a kid. Playing 5 though I was like “ the graphics almost felt worse” , considering the console Jump. That’s backed up by all the rumors of the funding be less. 5 made me feel the same way that 4 was pretty good.

  22. While there is always a multitude of things this past year, Making the big plays when they counted seemed like the biggest difference. The turnover against Rutgers winning 20-13, the turnover against Nebraska at the end of the game, the Big game winning touchdown against penn state. It was a pretty wild year and it was good to see the team get better as the year went on and we didnt get stung to bad with the injury bug ( outside of Bell).

  23. I don’t get why you’re being hammered with downvotes lol. 2 party system is a cancer. Both sides suck

  24. It’s more there’s a decent ( small amount but idk percentage wise) of what seem like good politicians who generally want to do their job and pass bills. So saying they all bad , especially here on Reddit is probably gonna get some downvotes but yea the two party system sucks , especially a minority getting to block whatever

  25. You right, also my bad I thought your original comment said “ all “ politicians are cancer.

  26. He's a multimillionaire, there was never any chance of him doing any raising of kids, not even his own.

  27. Agreed, Dude has 7 kids and has probably earned almost 100 million by now.

  28. We don't get him, but at least you don't either and that's almost as good.

  29. Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump Casino in Atlantic City (someone actually failed at running a casino in America).

  30. There’s a new movie called “ The whale” I believe where Brandon Frazier plays a 600 pound gay man.

  31. They need to let JJ start and sling the ball imo if they want to go far this season

  32. It does seem like the standard “ Cade starts first two games with JJ getting snaps and then be starts third game or all of the second half and then gets the start against Maryland”.

  33. It’s weird. I have gained empathy as I got older. I was a no empathy punk in my 20s.

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