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AITA for scolding my daughter for letting the dog run away?

A smol, delicate danger noodle.

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. I’ve seen an awful lot of these over the last few years and this is the nicest one yet

  2. I used to buy this as kibbled maize, we used to have a lot of doves in the area, we made our own seed mixes for them

  3. I live by this tip! Swedish saying: "Never walk empty-handed"!

  4. Oh I live by that rule too, also if you’re watching tv it’s surprising how much tidying you can do while the adverts are on

  5. Wait a that a Russian hamster?!

  6. Haven’t been to Sheffield since lockdown but is it the percentage of buses that turn up three at a time then nothing for an hour?

  7. When did the word ‘because’ become ‘cos’?

  8. When text messages used to cost 10 or 12p a go is my best guess...

  9. What a brilliant name though for a hipster coffee shop

  10. HayDay does have a sense of humour though, two of the challenges on farm pass today...

  11. Derby challenge: fully serve 3 locals, all the locals went on the missing list for two days

  12. Artless. Guileless. Ingenuous. Trusting. Simplicity

  13. Oh, darlin, it isn’t your feet, it’s those beautiful legs. 💋

  14. Shortly after moving into our first home, and having our house warming party, we found an old looking key with a paper tag with the word 'safe' written on it. Never found a safe. Still have the key in the loft though. Now I'm wondering if this was a friend's prank gift...!

  15. Could be an old floor safe hiding under Lino or laminate flooring? I know two old dears who did that with theirs in the kitchen pantry when they modernised the house

  16. The last two years I sat through every episode then on the very last show I couldn’t be arsed to find out who was hired

  17. Then what’s the chocolate one called?

  18. I didn't forget them I just don't rate them as a weapon in my animal driven war plans:)

  19. You can borrow my army of naked pensioners carrying ‘Free Hugs’ placards if you can’t get enough badgers

  20. I'm not sure but I like your way of thinking consider yourself promoted to platoon captain

  21. For my first action as Platoon Captain I have recruited an army of grey squirrels to make up the numbers of my Naked Old Huggermuggers

  22. This is what was mystifying me as well, the child was not given breaks at all? It sounds like a long time for a kid that age to be in the car without their own break. I

  23. The first thing we ever did travelling with a dog when we stopped was put it on a leash and walk it, everybody else could hold it but it’s cruel to make a dog wait to go potty and no one in their right minds leaves a kid alone in the car

  24. OP please listen to the voices of experience here

  25. I don’t know if this will help but I went through this at a similar age, I was just burnt out from overachieving at school and playing housekeeper but what saved me was not going to bed but instead getting comfortable on the sofa and setting an alarm clock for thirty mins or so, I’d drift off, nap for ten or fifteen minutes and then the alarm would wake me before I ended up in a deep sleep cycle

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