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  1. As a teacher, Prezbo did his best in teaching with those kids. Absolute hero.

  2. Don't think I'll be necking them both in one go, but definitely cracking one open tonight.

  3. Tried this years ago before i really enjoyed a beer but it's a cool design

  4. So your ‘usual thing’ is carling/Stella then? Why are you even on this forum?

  5. Changing school didn't work for me. Ive decided it's because their role models are bad parents, football hooligans, love Island slappers and drill rappers. I don't have a peer reviewed study or anything, but that's what I see at most schools, from a high number of kids I teach.

  6. Your challenge is to be a different role model to them also and show them the virtues of knowledge and hard work in a different path I think

  7. Both teams were playing for a draw there. No injuries, no drama, a point each and they can both still qualify. Tournament football is about a slow build to the later stages, not a mad sprint from the start.

  8. But it doesn't change anything. You don't magically get additional bacon by folding anything.

  9. Two rashers on each slice of bread, because I'm going to be adding mushrooms as well.

  10. Cool if we're making up ingredients I'm having 8 slices of bacon instead of 4

  11. Don't the pyramids have literal mountains of rubbish next to them? She's the weak ancestor here.

  12. Good sure, but he never had the makings of a varsity athlete.

  13. Hey valdor, reckon I could throw this football over those mountains?

  14. Going from scraping the bare minimum to a degree in programming is a big step up, I'd say the access course is probably a really good idea

  15. They're really useful, I used to teach modules for a couple of access courses at a local college and it's a lot of people who went straight into work but wanted to go into other careers, you'll be with a lot of like-minded people on them!

  16. No, but I put the seatbelt on anyway, only to stop the car from telling me that someone’s not put their belt on

  17. It's interesting, I just did an image search on her and covered her eyes and it's a (decently) pretty face you see quite often. Add the "maximise eye spacing during character creation" mode and she's suddenly very appealing.

  18. The second half has been a total snooze fest

  19. We get this in summer in NY it’s usually cleaning cars

  20. Your average person in the street I reckon hasn't heard of it, fewer have actually seen it, though everyone who has seems to quite enjoy it. I thought it was actually pretty funny, though I didn't watch much of it. I seem to recall seeing a clip where 2 of them try to do an armed robbery, start arguing and end up shooting at each other, was very funny

  21. I'll grab these I think for the Christmas hamper my wife and I always make

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